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First, it was raining and the item was moved off the truck and set in wet soil. Then they entered my residence without cleaning off the item or a least wiping their feet.

Upon showing them location and the possible need to change the door configuration, they proceeded back to the truck to remove the non-boxed refrigerator. The item was moved (extremely tight move with the refrigerator touching the door frames and had to be nudged, shoved ) through two doors then the kitchen door which did not open the extra inch. They removed my house door (100+ years old 34-inch solid wood) still damaging the sides of the refrigerator, my door hinge finish, scratching my wood floor, and gouging the kitchen flooring. The driver disregarded the manufacturer’s instructions in Owner’s Manual in a text box (with an exclamation point!) on page 13, “NOTE: When it is necessary to move the refrigerator through a narrow opening, removing the doors is the recommended procedure.

If it is necessary to remove the handles, follow the instruction below. The appearance of the handle may vary from what is shown in the illustrations.” Remove the refrigerator door, not my home doors! They had to reverse the door anyway, as the Lowe’s salesperson told us, so this would have been part of the delivery process. After placing the item and removing some of the plastic material they stated, "They only allow so much time and we have other deliveries so you'll have to call this 1-800 number to get the door changed.

It’ll take 34-45 minutes". My wife called the number and the store to complain and requested the door be changed, and that a new professional crew be assigned. Now we’re two more days without use which is the earliest installation date. To note: we were notified of your policy that any door changing or leveling would be handled by the delivery personnel.

And we tried to help by providing a 7-day delivery window. Lowe's local Customer Service called the morning (Sunday) they were scheduled to return to reverse the door and left a voice mail stating they’re “throwing in another washer hose for my leaking washer”. My wife called back and attempted to tell the customer service person the actual situation. The person (which would only provide his first name) WOULD NOT ALLOW my wife to speak.

I could hear this in another room. Believing my wife was talked to in a disrespectful manner, I took over the phone call. Your service agent WOULD NOT ALLOW me to talk, finally after MULTIPLE “please let me talk” and then a direct demand, I was allowed to provide a list of the damage/complaints and ended the conversation with no apparent result. Later, a follow-up call was made and we were notified that a manager would call in 24 hours.

A few hours beyond that period a manager at the Farmville, Virginia store responded asking about the leak!! Where is the leak! Again, we bought a refrigerator, not a washer. He made the customary apologies and asked my wife about the problems with the driver.

Our answer was then, as it is now, they ignored the instructions, which damaged our house and a new refrigerator.

My wife said he could call my husband if wanted. He did not want to and refused.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $156.

Lowes Cons: Cust, Customer service, Delivery.

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Well, dryer went out, no response from Lowes about this complaint, So to Sears I go to a hometown store. Service was great, purchased item.

A quality Kenmore not a cheap Roper!

Seem like Lowes would care? Think before you shop, if the town or store does not support your values or service expectations "SHOP ELSE WHERE"!


No response to letter or calls. I will try the BBB, who knows maybe they will answer them. If they even care.


Went to home depot yesterday what a change in attitude of store employees, I can say it was a happy experience. Military Discount Yea!


No response to letter to store and Head Quarters. On to the CEO and BBB.

Consider never using Lowes as your box supplier. I will not even hire contractors' that use this store and the list grows!


It's always a good idea to make sure the appliances you buy will fit through your doors, especially if you have an old house with odd size doors. It's people like you that screw up the delivery schedule for everyone behind you.

to Anonymous #1369022

If the manufactures instructions were followed their would be no damage to the refrigerator. Now the added damage was not just sloppy and careless movers, but me screwing up, Make a internet search, a lot of customers screwing up, don't you think?

(XPO) I don't see how its the customers fault that service was not provided. But thinking a old houses is problem is also dumb! I can only believe that you have a horse in this complaint.

I hope Mr. Niblock see things different.

to Anonymous #1434983

It is ridiculous of you to blame a customer for damage caused to the home and purchased product during a Lowe's delivery. Lowe's is in the business of making home deliveries, and as a business, they have a responsibility to provide competent services with trained employees who are capable of navigating the most common of issues, such as size of entryway and product.

Only a true idiot would run a business that penalizes customers with horrible service if that customer does not anticipate a complication like this. Any good business understands that customers do not anticipate common complications as automatically as the experienced business does. Lowe's has encountered the issue thousands of times. Common sense would compel Lowe's to address such concerns with their customers ahead of time, especially since it is Lowe's who charges a significant delivery fee.

If the customer had to have all the knowledge and capability in the matter, then he wouldn't be paying Lowe's to do this for him!

There is an enormous malfunction in Lowe's selection and training of delivery workers, who DO represent the company, and need to have the sense to follow their own company's written instructions for responding to this kind of situation.

It is Lowe's responsibility to complete other deliveries in a timely manner, and anyone with basic thinking skills would devise a business plan that accomodates and anticipates a delivery complication.

Don't be the kind of fool who blames a previous customer on the schedule for the unprofessional planning and execution of services by the company who is PAID to do the job!

to PurpleTantrum #1436050

Um... Delivery is free on appliances at Lowes


Company please correspondence by email, phone conversation with them is part of the problems.

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