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We bought a new house and decided to get new floors. We bought hardwood floors from Lowes because they had a lifetime guarantee.

The floors were installed at the end of May and throughout June, July, and August the floors cracked and split. We sent multiple complaints to Lowes however they refused to replace them. We then reminded them of their lifetime warrantee and they stopped responding for a while. They then sent an inspector in the middle of the winter who determined that the house was too dry and that's why the floors cracked.

How was the inspector to know how dry the house was during the summer when he inspected during the winter? Winters are normally dry and along with that, summers in Ottawa are really humid. There is no clause in the warranty that if a house is dry they will not cover it. It's been over a year and more planks have split.

They have stopped replying after replying to an email where we said we would hire a personal inspector. They said the inspector had to be a "SPECIALIST IN MOHAWK FLOORING". It does not take someone from the company who makes the floor to determine if a floor is splitting due to them being faulty. The specialist, if anything, will be biased to say that there is nothing wrong with the floor!

I will never buy anything from Lowes every again.

They were rude, are coming up with excuses to not replace their faulty floors, and are not owning up to it. If they were to contact us now and replace what they are supposed to then I will update this review and any others I have made to state that.

I doubt this horrible company will though

Stay away from them at all costs! And I'd say stay away from this Mohawk Flooring company too seeing as it was their floors that split and were bad.

Reason of review: Warantee issue, poor customer service, and bad quality product.

Monetary Loss: $4120.

Preferred solution: Replace any and all split and broken planks like your warranty claims you do as well as instal them. And if any others split you will replace them without all this hassle again.

Lowes Cons: Rude staff, Bad product, No answer, Lying about warranty, Slow response to issue.

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Lowes doesn't warranty the flooring. Mohawk warrants the flooring.

Lowes may have filed a claim for you but the decision not to replace the product was made by Mohawk. Why aren't you complaining about the company that is responsible for the warranty?

to Anonymous #1005158

According to Mohawk it's Lowes' responsibility to accept or deny a warranty. I have contacted them and then Lowes would call with an answer (and stating that it was their job). I mentioned that Mohawk was bad too for the products being bad however this issue with the warranty seems to be with Lowes.


Lowes sucks.


sounds like your warranty isn't with lowes. its with mohawk flooring.

you should check your contract or warranty statement.

it could even be with the manufacturer. in which case calling lowes is the last thing you should be doing.

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