Conway, South Carolina
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I purchesed laminate flooring and installation at LOWES about 6 years ago. The floor boards are seperating .

My guess is improper installation the main guy that knew what he was doing showed up after most of the floor was down.Now LOWES doesn't want to fix it and the company KRONOTEX laminate flooring won't do anything either !

Even though their is a 20 year warrenty on the flooring. Looks like LOWES and KRONOTEX warrenties are not worth the paper they are written on !Both companies won't accept the blame,they keep trying to pass it off on the other one.While I'm here with gaps in my floor !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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The problem isn't that simple. First, the flooring is considered sub-standard by numerous installers.

Second, the separation is more likely caused by defective and cheap locking mechanisms. The installer realistically could have damaged the joints by tapping too hard to get the boards to lock. Moisture generally will cause peaking and cupping between joints and is very obvious to a trained eye. Next time don't settle for inexpensive flooring and surely don't use Lowe's.

They recently decided to use large installation companies which do not provide the same level of craftsmanship or professionalism as the individuals once did who actually had reason to do a great job. Their name was attached to the install and they had to guarantee their work.

Looks like Lowe's is turning into their competition who struggles to get good people based on pay. Remember, you get what you pay for.


Your complaint is amusing to say the least. The store does not honor the warranty they mearly sell the product.

Further you dont have a material or even an installation issue. you have a moisture problem High or low humidity either one can cause failure of floating floor seams.

The warranty is for workmanship or defects in the material. This does not include neglect.


I figured something out the inspector said the house was to damp. Now KRONOTEX says it's to dry.All that tells me is pride in American workman ship is gone.And nothing will be fixed now they have my money.And the 20 year warrenty means nothing !


fair product , sounds like your house is to dry . read up on humidity levels it will help you out . may take a few weeks or so but it will go back .


There was no high humidy problem ! In fact when the inspecter looked under the house the ground was dusty and the house is not in a flood zone,In fact it has been so dry here this area is in a drought zone here and it has been that way for the last decade.

Humidy and water is not our problem. Faulty work by the installers is the problem


Did you say gaps in the floor? Installed 6 years ago?

Whats the problem? Why dont you get educated on the affects of high humidity and the lack there of, or just "site related" Issues.

what did the floor look like when it was first installed? Just curious.