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Update by user Mar 19, 2013

Getting close to 14K, my insurance company is suing. It was determined by my HOI that the loss was due to faulty installation.

The Lowe's investigator said that "nuts" have a habit of loosening up! Really?! Wow, my previous 9 year dishwasher, another 4 year, 2 others in my apartments, NEVER loosened up, nor has my fridge, washing machine and let alone any of my cars.

Lowe's investigator = ***! I guess we better start checking our "nuts, bolts, screws" more often otherwise you'll lose your kitchen too.

Update by user Mar 18, 2013

I stand corrected on monetary loss, now we're up to 12,359.05 not including the take out food and a a couple of other things.

Original review posted by user Mar 17, 2013

I hired Lowe's installer to install our dishwasher, the installer didn't tighten the nut to the dishwasher and it resulted us losing our kitchen,dining room wall and carpet.

This was a slow drip that dripped for some time, dripping underneath and towards the dining room and outer wall/stucco.

The lower cabinets were all destroyed on top of mold under the cabinets and outer walls. We had to have mold remediation to remove the mold, remove walls and flooring.

Lowe's senior staff in customer service will not speak to us, won't return our calls and have blocked our entire family from posting on Facebook because we were pictures on their Facebook page. Lowe's doesn't like opposition so they we shut you up by blocking you.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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Pensacola, Florida, United States #950684

I will start by saying that it sucks that the connection line dripped after installation. However for a slow drip to cause over 12k in damage I have to wonder how long you let it go after you discovered it.Long enough to get a new kitchen apparently! The connection lines on most dishwashers are toward the front so if it was dripping surely some water had to be coming out from under it that should have made you stop and think there might be a leak.

to happy lowes customer #954614

no, the water was dripping towards the wall to the outside on top of going north into my dining room. If you would have read my comments, you would have seen this:

This was a slow drip that dripped for some time, dripping underneath and towards the dining room and outer wall/stucco.

Nice try though...

Oh, my insurance company sued and they got reimbursed. hmmmm

to happy lowes customer #1294159

Happy Lowes Customer,

You are pretty obviously connected to Lowes. When professional mold litigator's and repairs contractors are employed, it would not take very long for the amount of damaged that occurred from a small leak.

If you were really a professional you would be aware of this.

This kind of thing can happen to any installer at sometime, so I would not entirely put the blame on Lowes that it happened. However I definitely do put the blame on Lowes for their handling afterwards including forcing the family to file a claim with their homeowners insurance's.

By the way, it will end up collecting from the Lowe's contractor's insurance most of the costs for repairs. Also, luckily the customers' homeowners deductible should be returned to them once this insurance reimbursement happens.

Equally, concerning is the companies like Lowes that try to control their customer opinion websites by not allowing the real negative feedback that they receive.


Try their subcontractors setting a roof on fire and hanging gutters cooked...

Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States #885567

Maybe you should talk to a "On Your Side" reporter from your tv station. Sometimes they are able to resolve a situation like this. A company with a big Ptolemy like this does not want public attention.

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