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DO NOT DO THIS, I repeat do not let lowes installers touch your fence. they are the worst.

they screwed us over so bad we had to go through corporate headquaters just to try and get this 150ft. of special order fence installed.Gigantic hassle.Special order fence came with damaged products and wrong gates.salesman was a total liar. Told him fence was to keep my dog from barking at people because we live next to a business. He assured me that everything would be fine and he would make sure that the most experienced installers would come and install this expensive sand 6ft fence.

Nothing like that happened.

sent inexperienced people here and all they did was tear down my chainlink fence,go home and then i find out that they went on vacation. totally unprofessional.I could go on and on about this situation,but I am getting sick talking about this.Yes, got a little bit of money back for all the bad work and lies i was constantly getting,signed off, but fence is still not right ,but i can live with it.THIS WAS A BAD DEAL FROM THE BEGINNING, so much hassle that I am warning you.DO NOT DO THIS OR YOU WILL REGET IT.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Fence Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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All these big box stores like Lowe's use self-employed outside contractors to do things like fence installation and other construction projects. Therein lies the problem: Lowe's needs to keep the cost down and the less they pay for installation the better for Lowe's.

There are many local fence companies you can contract with to do the job and since they are local and depend on referrals will usually do a much better job than some unknown installer hired by Lowe's. That's just the way it is.

Never go thru a big box company for any construction project. Hire someone on your own.