Maple Shade Township, New Jersey

A sales person came out no literature . We were looking for pool code fence in backyard. We referenced one from The store and when the sales man came out we also were interested in getting our front yard done .the fence we referenced for the back they charged us 15.00 more Panel because they don't install what they stock at store ???? Wtf found out after the fact. So the front yard the my wife referenced one she seen in the neighborhood yet again no literature .

Sales man canceled contract signing so wife went out and he came when mother in law was here and let her sign contract b/c she finAnced it for us ???

My wife questions it when we got a receipt I'm mail " what did we order for for front yard. They said look it up by the sku# ... She could not they said o sometimes you can't , so sales man Called did not come here and said you know dog ear Floridian our most popular one a standard Pickett fence . My wife trust him and thought it was one they looked at in the neiborhood" never trust a professional sales man from lowes" once again never showed her a picture . It looked like a privacy fence that was a foot off the ground . Wheeled and dealed with us like a used car lot but wanted us to pay 750 for not admitting blame for the the sales man mistake all said and done it came down to them charging us 250 for a new install which I feel we should not pay any thing but the store manager said I have to pay something because I did not admit to any blame for not stoping the installation . It was to late to stop anything. Instead of lowes paying the 250 to fix problem they agreed to take fence out and refund out money .

What *** resolve for there customer service coming from a store manager over 250 dollars

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

  • Loews customer service
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Do you know how to write a proper argument? Your post totally lacks detail and cohesion.

Lowes did not force you to buy anything and they did not create this problem. The problem is your comprehension.

And like you stated above your lack of effort to stop someone from installing something you did not want to begin with in the first place. Oh sure that's not the fencing I really wanted but go a head and install it anyways..............


Heartless is an appropriate name for you.


Heartless is very smart. He is just trying to educate the ignorant that is running rampant on these forums. Way to go Heartless, yet another sound review of the real problem!