Canton, Ohio
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I just bought a house an needed a fence for my five dogs. I explained this to the Rep several times during his visit April 23, 2019.

He measured, gave me the price, took my payment and when I asked when I could expect installation-the end of May was his reply. They give you three days to change your order or cancel. About a week after the visit, I received a mailing stating installation would be the week July 14th! Very upset with this date.

Then about a week later I received a phone message stating my installation date is August 4th!!!! They take your money, supposedly they ordered the product and received it May 11th and sit on it for three months!!! I call BS!!

I will never set foot in a Lowe’s store again. I wonder when I will actually get my fence.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Fence Installation.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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A lot of the issue comes from the salesperson not being honest with the customer. They are there to sale and make a quota.

I am pretty sure the installers tell Lowe’s about their schedules. The customers go by what they are told via Lowe’s and it eventually looks bad towards the installer.

Installers do not get paid until the install has been done. Only Lowe’s gets paid.


That's why you go to a company that specializes in fences. Lowes orders the materials then hunts for a subcontractor to do the installation. As you found out they often have a hard time finding a contractor readily available to do the installation at the prices they are willing to pay.