Naperville, Illinois

I was given a final for only being late three times in two months. Then for not pushing the MyLowes card program according to their criteria, I was fired.

And now, I can't get unemployment! Too much favoritism going on. Corporate doen't care they defend their managers and to them if you can't make them money they don't want to know about you. As the store manager repeatedly says in the meetings " you are not important, you are replaceable." Many employees have left because management treats them like ***.

How can a company like Lowes allow this to happen. We bust our behinds to make them money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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You should have worked for my store. We love it when employees are late.

Customers get to stand around with the thumbs up their rears. Employee morale has really gone up since we instituted being late for everything.


What an ***, i hate god! Late 3x's and you are the victim?

I'm glad you don't work or don't work for me. Take responsibility for your actions.


Lowes treats employees like ***. They discriminate against the older ones and do whatever they can to terminate them!

If, or when they do terminate you, they make up lies so you can't get unemployment. Horrible company!


Cry More....

Lowes follows a very strict procedure when terminating an Employee. You are only giving half the story as there were obviously two other write-ups that you don't mention.

Most likely you were a garbage employee and you are right. They probably wanted you gone ASAP.

Look in the mirror and stop blaming Lowes for failing at life.


I fully understand. I left Lowes and work for Home Depot with better pay and better treatment.

If Lowes management don't like you, they will do everything they can to get you out. Too much racial slurs and foul language. I had to leave.

I have a pending lawsuit against them for the racial stuff. Watch out who you have trust with cause it can be used against you.


Late 3 times in 2 months is awful. I've never been late at my place of employment.

Being late time and time again is a sign of real commitment.

I placed college football and if you were not 5 minutes early for a meeting or practice you were considered late. If you think it's acceptable be late when others are counting on you then you HAVE A LOT TO LEARN IN LIFE.

Being late once a year is all I would tolerate if I were your boss.