On yahoo today I seen a story of a woman who worked for 18 years for lowes.She got fired for stopping a shoplifter who stole 600 dollars worth of stuff.The shoplifter was arrested.I will never shop lowes again.you had aloyal employee who did her job well.I really hope many people will boycott lowes as i have.boycott lowes. boycott lowes. boycott lowes boycott lowes boycott lowes boycott lowes boycott lowes boycott lowes ....sorry but they will not let me post less than 100 words.........boycott lowes boycott lowes ..please boycott lowes send them a message please

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This is just plain a foolish post. You have no personal knowledge of what happened, just something you saw posted elsewhere.

You don't know the whole story and whether it is true or not. I could assume you are just mad a Lowes for not hiring you because you stutter, and I know you stutter by reading the last half of your post.


18 Years come on how about a second chance with a warning and before anyone says what about her previous incidents as an employee. 18 Years she can't be that bad?????????


We are told time and time again at Lowe's as part of our training that we are not to EVER try and catch a thief. She knew better.

Her life is more valuable then the tool and anything could have happened to her. Safety first is a big motto of the company. If she has been working for Lowe's for 18 years she new better, the training on this is given frequently. We may not like the rule but we must follow it or live with the consequences.

In this case it was automatic termination. Feel bad for her but she made a choice.


OK, Mike I made a couple mistakes in your opinion. I live in a right to work state, and anybody can be fired on the whim of the employer.

Yes, I admit I made a spelling error.

That being said I would be willing to bet the person that posted the complaint is considerably younger than I am, and I would also be willing to bet they weren't taking care of a two year old great grandson, while his mother was going in for radiation treatment. All in all I didn't make as many mistakes as the poster did.

to anonymous San Acacia, New Mexico, United States #728060

You are right - they may have it worse than you. Some do.

With all that going on how is it you have time critique comments?


Of course you believe everything your read online. If this employee even got fired, did it occur to you that there could be more to the story than what was online.

For one thing if this happened in a right to work state a person can be fired for absolutely no reason at all.

Being you think you are so perfect, go to you complaint and correct you puncuation and spaces between sentences. Also there should be a space between the words "a" and "loyal." You don't know the whole story of what went on at the time.

to anonymous Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany #727948

"Being you think you are so perfect, go to you complaint and correct you puncuation" Did you mean "your" and "punctuation"? Also, I believe you mean "At will employment" state, which fits this situation.

Many confuse this with "right to work". Perhaps you should do some research and proof-reading before critiquing others.

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