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First and last experience with Lowes.

To the CEO, Management, Stockholders, institutional investors and or parent company, et al., of Lowes. This is an open letter to express my (and probably many others) dismay at the inept organizational procedures and customer service exhibited over the last several weeks with regard to a simple order, placed via the company (Lowes) website, paid in full, with a delivery date promised and set certain. Not only was the item never shipped, but it had not, as yet, even been produced by the manufacturer a week after the promised delivery date! (This qualifies for Government work!)

This could have been an anomaly, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt. I called customer service. I was told that they would have to contact the vendor. They don’t stock this particular item… yet, they sell it as though they do, because the website clearly stated, “In stock”.

Customer service seemed a little confused and told me they would call me back with answers. The next call I received notified me that they could not reach said vender and could not give me any info and would call me later...

The next call never came. I called again and got a different customer service representative who, after retracing customer service representative number one, informed me that my order had not, as yet, been manufactured.

Again, this would’ve just been a slight annoyance, but since this item was for a remote mountain cabin, the promised set certain delivery date was critical because I had to make a special trip to the cabin the day of delivery. Get the picture. So far I wasted one trip.

So, I was told by representative number two that the item would be completed by the Manufacturer and shipping on Friday the 14th, of June; and that I would be called with a tracking number so I my coordinate with said delivery and be there for this now elusive event!

You guessed it, no call. So I figured I’d turn my frustration into a bit of embarrassment for the people at the top for not managing the people that are supposed to make customers at least feel that they are somewhat an important part of the equation… LIKE BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS!

The most insulting part of this scenario is the offer made by customer service representative number two. She offered a whopping 10% discount on my next purchase.

[If] I had a company (which I do) and one of my customers had a similar experience with their first purchase, I would take this cluster as an opportunity to make this a public relations gold mine.

Instead of a monument to bad customer service, this letter would have been a testimonial as to the incredible lengths I went through to make this customer feel special and actually give them the item ordered (or a better one, without charge) and show all future first time buyers that we will go to extreme lengths (repetition mine) to deliver on our promise(s) (opposite of breach) and I’m sure this would contribute to the steady growth and success of said company. Heck, I may have even delivered it myself!

Yours truly,

President and CEO,

Trans Pacific Transportation, Inc

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

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I may have missed something but the problem was, Lowes took your money, placed an order, an expected an item to be delivered to you

that the vendor hadn't even produced by the delivery date?

How is this the seller's fault and not the manufacturer?

I imagine Lowes couldn't figure out the problem because this is obviously an unusual occurrence.

10% is pathetic in a public relations stand point but seeing as how they did their part, they should've gotten a discount from the vendor for you and not themselves.

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