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Finally received long overdue rebate - previously sent to wrong address.

How does that happen, when corporate was provided the order number, our address, and store location/ telephone number where the purchase was made?

Loew's has new President now, and the store where the purchase was made is closing. Is it any wonder with such deplorable customer service?

Still waiting for the Visa gift card requested for the inconvenience and the hard time given over many months, And, the new President will be contacted, so we suspect there will be a third follow-up on PS.

What ever happened to honesty, integrity and basic customer service?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: A Visa card for general use.

Lowes Pros: First impression of original sales person.

Lowes Cons: Being given a run around for months.

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Something is wrong when DD attempts to reply to ANON. Issue reported to PC. Awaiting technical help.

to Anonymous #1615746

Issue fixed.


How about if Lowe’s donates $50 directly to the food pantry of your choosing in your name? Would that satisfy you?

to PCFL1592 #1613260

Hi Anon PCFL1592, While we appreciate Lowes responding to our (now) 11 month journey into rebate and customer service *** your attempt to negotiate a direct donation to a food pantry in our name now, sounds like you don't trust us. What a pity, because, all we did was spend hard earned money, with the expectation of getting the rebate we were entitled to.

We did nothing to lose yur trust. And, unfortunately, your snarky reply to our follow-up report, 6 months..... after our first report, didn't help either. So, the answer to "How about if Lowe’s donates $50 directly to the food pantry of your choosing in your name?

Would that satisfy you? NO thank you, we do not trust you to follow up with that. So, can you come up with a better solution?

We hope so, because, next week is Ellison, Dreiling, McDormott, Mason time .

But, we sincrely hope to hear from you first. Thank you.

to Anonymous #1615747

Ok. How about a $40 gift card?


The rebate was submitted by the Lowes sales person (digitally) so handwriting was not an issue. And, the rebate center had the correct address when they sent a post card stating we did not qualify for the rebate - when we did.

And, a copy of the postcard was also emailed to Lowes to follow up on. When customers are given false and misleading information, costing them valuable time attempting to get to the bottom of things (in this case over 25 calls and emails) it reflects poorly on Lowes. Good companies understand that waiting 3-4 months for a rebate is unaceptable, and very often will give a courtesy credit etc. to make a customer happy.

And, since Lowes was not professional, courteous, or respectful, a $50.00 VIsa gift card (equal to what some Lowe's executives spend on a very simple lunch) is in order. And, by the way, if received, that amount will be donated to a local food pantry. You are absolutely correct, we are not perfect.

We made a big mistakes is thinking that we were dealing with a trustworthy company. So, thank you and Happy Holidays Anonymous Lowes employee..

to DispensableDuck #1613993

Lowe’s doesn’t handle the rebates. That is done by a third party.

National Rebate Center. Yes it sucks but it’s NOT Lowe’s fault. So you are blackmailing a innocent company because of what you think the offending party owes you. Lowe’s literally has NOTHING to do with your rebate except submitting it at the time of purchase.

How exactly does Lowe’s “owe” you anything? What it sounds like is you are lashing out at the deeper pockets and public profile of a innocent company just to get free money. How about a apology for Lowe’s? Now that you have been informed of who REALLY messed up are you going to be man enough to retract your statement and issue a apology?

No probably not people like yourself even when proven they are wrong will STILL fight even harder because THEY CANT BE WRONG! Please do the web a favor and show that you have more then enough honor to admit YOUR MISTAKES. We all get you’re mad but at least be mad at the right company.

Now comes the part where you in your righteous indignation claim that I and every other person who either doesn’t believe you or had a dissenting point of view MUST work for Lowe’s. It amazes me how narrow minded some posters are and how hard they will fight to prove they are right even when already shown how wrong they are.


It could have happened any number of ways. The human being entering your information at the rebate center may not have been able to read your handwriting or hit the wrong key as they were processing your rebate.

Most humans make mistakes every now and then.

It's unfortunate that everyone isn't as perfect as you seem to think you are. You got your rebate, they owe you nothing else.

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