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In the past 6 years I had 9 service calls for my fisher & paykel washer & dryer. As I look at postings on net I see these same complaints from many others.

I do not understand why a recall has not been issued. The dryer bearings were replaced twice. The washer leaks. The circuit board was replaced on washer.Today I'm waiting for another service call for loud noise & vibrating dryer.

All I can say is my previous WHIRLPOOL washer & dryer never had a service call.

Like they say they don't build them like they used to. SAVE yourself money & NEVER BUY FISHER PAYKEL

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I have the same F and P washer and dryer. The washer once had a clogged diverter valve that I was able to clean out (thank God!) but the dryer had a few problems. The main drum bearing on the right (while looking at the machine) fails on early machines. The retro-fit is relatively easy to DIY. Next, the tensioner wheels bearings got really squeaky. I was able to go to the local hardware store and get some bronze bushings that were a tenth of a millimeter bigger. That fix lasted a year or so. The burner wouldn't light so I had to get a new igniter. Then the tensioner wheel bearings failed horribly. The actual aluminum wheel was all worn out to about 3-16 times the normal size. That was a call to F and P's parts center in LACA. I to the parts and a new belt and all is well. Most of the stuff that fails is pretty easy to just roll up your sleeves and DIY it. That said, I akin the F and P stuff to a Volkswagen: It sucks when it fails and it's a pain in the *** to fix, but when it's working as it should, there's nothing like it!!

Peace out.



I'm having the same problems with the Fisher & Paykel Smartload washer and dryer. The washer leaks and also the dryer is making an unbearable noise which can be heard throughout the entire house.

I'm very dissatisfied. I will never buy this brand again.


I bought a Fisher-Paykel Aquasmart washer from Loeb's 5 years ago for $899. They also sold me 4 year Extended protection plan for $99.97.

Loeb's was pushing this model very hard! The display panel on it went blank. Seems that they have a five year lifetime programmed in F-P codes.

It turns out that the original display unit is obsolete!!

It is really amazing that a LCD Display became obsolete so fast! The only option now is to replace machine control also. The two parts cost more than $450 at SEARS.

Labor may be another $100, for a total of $550.

This is plain ripoff. Anyone else having similar built-in obseleince problem?


5-year-old Fisher Paykel dryer circuit board pooped out 3 weeks ago. Cost a mint to replace the board and the new one is doing exactly what the old one did.

A week later, the washer quit (must be a 5 yr. timer for failur). Estimate was $375 so we bought a new and very simple Admiral (Maytag) washer for $299 at Home Depot.

No more state of the art for me !!!!!! Boy am I pissed!


My Fisher Paykel Dryer is only 2 years old. My husband and I only use it maybe once a week.

This dryer is loud and sweaking! They say it is probably the bearings that have gone out!

The service call will be around 300.00 to replace the bearings! I have never liked this dryer, do not buy this product!


I've had mine for 8 years and am just getting service on the washer (pump went). Mind you I use my washer heavily. I just love my complaints.