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Nightmare scenario in trying to purchase a really good short term sale on bricks.

Order #1:

Checkout from San Jose store says 35782 available.

I put them all in my cart, checkout, get an email confirmation.

Next day a call, we don't have any bricks in the store, we have to cancel your order. 1 hour on the phone, no resolution.

After 2 days "we have this all figured out, just let us cancel and then repurchase online.

"Wait, let me try to purchase online before you cancel..."

Checkout more than doubles price and does not allow me to purchase.

"We'll call you back." - "Riiiiiiigggghhht"

Order #2:

I figured this store is screwed up.

I purchase 2750 (of 3000) from the Sunnyvale store.

I get an email confirmation.

I bet a text the next day with delivery confirmation with a 4 hour window. No delivery.

I call the 3rd party shipper.

"They were not loaded onto the truck."

Turns out, same exact issue as before "oh, these are backordered." I cancel the first, but I am NOT cancelling this order.

Order #3:

I CALL the San Bruno store. They said don't trust the qty in store, or the shipping cost, both may be wrong and in fact we not not deliver to your area from the store.

She checks with shipper (how many pallets can fit on the truck, how much to deliver to me, if they will deliver to me).

I purchase 6 pallets, which are supposed to come tomorrow.

I have spend about 2 hours on the phone and 4 days going through this frustration and still have no idea if I will get any bricks at all.

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