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Do not recommend:

Use installers of all experience level and no telling which you will get to install your product.

From the installer who has no experience to extensive experience.

Best of all, Lowes will do everything possible to keep from taking responsibility for its installers.

I had floors installed and within three months started to buckle.

They have given excuses from animals, high moisture, foundation, and pluming.

Animals: I don't think so. Not through out the whole house, even places where no animals.

High moisture: then floors should not have been installed in the first place by installers.

Foundation: had a foundation company examine house, no problems

Pluming: had plumbers examine, no problems found

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #741693

File a complaint with your state licensing board for contractors. File with the BBB, even though they do nothing you have a record of your complaint.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #723432

Wrong (and Lowes should have advsed you)... Wood reqires a constant humidity between 35 - 55% otherwise you will get buckleing and gapping.....regardless of the quality of the installer.

Also the wood should have sat for a couple days in your house to acclimate.....did they do that?

Lastly - most of he big boxes sub out the labor piece so that they are insullated from claims.....they just sell the product they technically do not install. You get what you get for going with the Big Boxes

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