Summurized Lowes 767 of Fayeeteville nc installed a floor in 2010, hired the contractor job was done wrong. redone in 2010.

in 2013 it was discovered the contractor did not do what was specified in contract due to another floor issue were the laminate had to be removed. Lowes has refused to accept his responsibility. will not cover my claim they stae 1 year one installation for a warrenty. but if you cannot see the work?

how do you know it was done wrong. I have had and installor check this. This current install is botched. i cannot repair what neede to be done.

Lowes has bounced me around and only returned one call.

That was to tell me it is my problem not theres. FGodd customer care after I have spent almost thrity to forty grand at this store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $1626.

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