Aliso Viejo, California

In January 2015 I ordered Cali bamboo form Lowes in Aliso Viejo. Their contractor did not know what he was doing and did not check concrete floor for moisture or the bamboo he was to install.

He did not seal the concrete and laid the bamboo and did not leave the 1/2 gap around the entire walls of the two rooms which did not allow for expansion which all bamboo does. Then he installed the wrong transition moldings which came right up. Then the floors in both rooms started buckling. So then Lowes had the flooring company come out and pull up a small part of the buckling floor to take a look at it and while they were here they drug the bamboo they had removed and damaged another 7 feet of bamboo in the dining are that had not buckled with deep scratches.

So my living room is still buckled and my dining room is part buckled, part concrete, no transition moldings and the rest has deep scratches on it , oh and a pallet of bamboo and a box of transition moldings sitting in my family room that the flooring company had delivered as they had said they were going to pull out the buckled part which they did not do. Then the flooring company sent out a fake inspector who turned out to be just an employee then Lowes said they were not aware of this. But they wanted to send out a third party inspector. The inspector arrived with the install manager from Lowes Aliso Viejo.

He proceeded to ask questions and take pictures etc. Now here comes the odd part the inspector at one point takes the Lowes install manager outside to have a private conversation. I paid for the bamboo, install $3723.00 back in January and it is now April 2015 and I still do have the flooring installed. I am told that the inspector report will be in this week and that Lowes will be calling me.

I have been dealing with their Corporate offices in North Carolina which really does nothing order that saying it is pending with them. I have also reported them to the Better Business Bureau in North Carolina also. This appears to be a pointing fingers back and forth between the flooring company Lowes used and Lowes Aliso Viejo and now they are telling me that the inspector will decide who is is responsible me, Lowes or the installer.

I hired Lowes, they hired the installer, and now after 2 months they throw me into this mess??? Worst service ever!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I will remember this before I buy mine. I'll check back to see if they do the right thing, or look elsewhere.

to NeedFlooring #989868

Im in Palm Springs and have similar issue, floor makes all sorts of popping and crackling, 2 inspectors later and several missed subs coming to fix it I just want out........6 months no resolve....

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