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Lowes in Cape Coral, Florida - Garden Center

I have gone atleast 8 time in the past two months to get mulch. 40-50 bags each time. The guys that bring the mulch out don’t want to help you load it. You have to ask and quite frankly a couple are lazy & rude. I just left the store, the worker actually thought I was going to load 50 bags. I am a 50 year old woman, 5.4 125 lbs. I had to ask him again. He partiall loaded them. Stacking the bass in the tailgate. I had to climb up on the truck and pull them towards the cab & reaggrange and pull the ones from the tailgate. I had a random stranger, see my struggle and ask if I needed help. Another elderly man, who had trouble waking & breahing was trying to load some bags in his car. A few male cusometers had to help him. Lowe’s, you need to hire some new people & maybe a couple more. If your going to have a mulch sale, be prepared.
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If you can't lift it, don't buy it. Stop trying to keep up with the Jonses and their green lawn. Go sit down.


What are you going to do with those bags when you get home? Do you expect them to come with you, unload them and spread them for you?

If you are capable of handling the bags when you get home you should be able to handle them at the store as well.

Better yet, if you need 300-400 bags as you say you have purchased why don't you just have them delivered? The time and work you save would well be worth the delivery fee.


It’s called LIABILITY!!! They are not allowed to load.

You could have ended up costing the ones who helped you thier jobs. While I agree they SHOULD help I also understand the WHY they can’t. It’s actually quite simple and YOU the OP are a prime example. YOU have chosen to complain because they didn’t help yet IF they did and damaged your vehicle what do you suppose your course of action would be??

That’s right, you would sue. Then your lawyer would claim outrageous damages to the ensure a nice fat payday. All the while the ACTUAL damage is literally nothing.

So they fire that employee, pay you off and instituted a new policy of letting YOU load your own purchases. Funny how a business gets accused of being greedy yet it’s the customer who has the worst greed.


You are shopping at a big box store, not a full service store. If you want someone to take the product from the store, to your vehicle and load it go to a full service store or yard.

Yes, you may pay a little more but they have to pay for the staff to provide the full service.

Big box stores are set up for the do it yourself that wants to come in, grab their product and go. They aren't staffed to provide the full service you want.

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Lowes Customer Care
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Poor customer service

Lowes - Extremely Poor Customer Service Cape Coral Store

I was sent to the Cape Coral Florida store from another Lowes that stated they had three of the lights I needed to match the seven I had bought from their store. I went there and pick out the lights they were clearance lights I went to the front customer service to get the same price that they were at the other Lowes approximately 8 miles from them in the same county. I was told that no they would not give them to me for the same price I just paid at the other Lowes, this I found extremely ridiculous and did not understand such poor customer service. This is the epitome of poor customer service They definitely do not care about their customers . The manager was rude and unprofessional. The new CEO is definitely correct in laying off managers that do not know how to treat customers there are too many managers that just stand around
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Lowes Customer Care
Reason of review
Poor customer service
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