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Lowes in Cape Coral, Florida - Samsung Dishwasher

. I have had issues with the dishwasher from the date of installation. I was not informed when I purchased the dishwasher that it did not have an element to dry the dishwasher. It has a fan that air dries the dishwasher. Your hot water must be turned up all the way to create enough steam to dry the dishes and then when it cycles to leave the door open. This does not seem energy efficient to me. I had a service call prior to the warranty ending due to not cycling, nor the soap dispenser not opening and the repairman was able to fix the dishwasher under warranty. Now the dishwasher is doing the same thing. I called Samsung first and they informed me that they showed no service on the dishwasher and there was nothing that they could do to help me. I was extremely frustrated because I spent $697 on the dishwasher. I went into the Lowes store and the gentleman told me to call the Lowes Customer Service. I was informed by a Representative that I would have to pay for parts and service for a dishwasher that has not worked for 2 months. I am extremely disappointed that Lowes does not stand behind the products that they sell and service.
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It is not their responsibility to teach you how to use any product you buy. It is yours.


how hard is it to do some research before you make an appliance purchase? IF you would have done any research at all, you could have known about these issues and purchased another dishwasher!


It is NOT the responsibility of a retail store to stand behind the product. It IS the responsibility of the manufacturer to stand behind their product and warranty. You should be complaining about Samsung rather than Lowes.

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Lowes in Cape Coral, Florida - Purchased a new wood flood and installation

the installers were great - everything was great - Until we got to the end. after all was finished, we ended up with 2 1/2 boxes of flooring material. I understand the need for extra, in case, but..... I brought the two untouched boxes back and got a refund - no prob. When I asked about a refund on the installation charge - I was told, we don't do that. Their explaination was - that's standard practice. Truth - the store wants to charge extra - they order extra material, charge for the installation and ...... Luckily, we told the installer to leave the boxes or we would have lost that money too.. Lowes way of looking at it - charge an extra $100 for something they did not do, no big deal, tell them everybody does it...
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If your installers took the material, standard practive would have been for them to take it to the store and have the refund credited back to your card. They were trying to save you a trip.

Labor is charged based on the square footage of the area. Measure your room. Multiply by install rate. It's that easy.

10% extra product is always ordered to ensure the installer does not run out and has enough for cuts, waste, etc. The person you called was right.

You are wrong. Do the right thing and have your post removed.


Actually Lowes charges labor by the square footage of your installation, not by the number of boxes, just like all installers do.


Call corporate!!! At least you wasnt given an 866 sex hotline # like I was instead of corp.

Employees thought it was funny!

I sure the heck didnt. Big rip off.CALL COPORATE :sigh


You do realize when you "call corporate" you are calling a call center, which simply takes down your complaint and emails it back to the store. You accomplish nothing more than you would have if you just asked to speak with the manager on duty. Plus you waste your time.

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