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SsssLowes online orders terrible checkout

Order closet online. Went to pickup waited 30 minutes and they pull this box that is literally wrapped in in clear packing tape holding everything together. The box was in tatters. So I walk back to shelving and see all the nice boxes neatly stacked (7). I refuse the mangled box and wait another 30 minutes as they so carelessly pull another weighs close to 200 lbs. Needless to say, box is dropped at my feet sign here and if u need help loading wait here. So again, after 20 minutes I have had enough, a nice gentleman in parking spot next to me helped lift it into my truck. Strike 1 against Ssslowes. Kit unpacked and of course u need more pieces not carried at SsssLowes so u must order online. I promtely order and am told 6 weeks delivery. Fast forward 8 weeks I get an email that my parts have arrived! So I jump in my car and make the 45 minute commute to Lowe's. Again, 30 minutes in line. Tell customer Nazi clerk here for my order. She types away with phone number, snarled what's your last name, types away some more then big sigh of disgust..." Is this an online Order!" Well, yes it was. YOU HAVE AN ORDER NUMBER? well yes I is 123456...she walks away for 10 minutes only to come back and tell me...your order is not here. I am in shock...I have an email claiming it was delivered and come pickup...I just drove 45 minutes and now spent 45 more being treated like I dumped over the nail bin to be told ...thanks for visiting. I promptly call SsssLowes National customer service using choice 4 letter words for this waste of my time. She ask if I want manager to call me.I say sure. Then ask if I want to take survey of her service. Sure. Like SssLOWES cares, she transfers me to a line that says...sorry we are no longer accepting To date I have never heard from the Store Manager and my shelving pieces....MIA. This is only 1 of a dozen terrible experiences I have had with SsssLowes. PLEASE TAKE NOTE AND AVOID THIS BIG BOX STORE...THE WORST!
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Lowes and any other store where this person shops will be better off without them. They can't understand they are dealing with human beings and won't allow for the fact that other humans aren't as perfect as they seem to think they are.

Humans make mistakes. Humans will also react to the way they are treated.

If treated poorly they will give poor service in return. If this person treated retail employees with dignity they would find they would see the service they received improve greatly.


Take your lazy *** into the store and pick the *** off the shelf for yourself. Stop with the internet order nonsense.


And the mouth breather that you are OP allows those that read what you post to see you for what you are. I can see why you assume so much.

You are self entitled. It’s obvious that you have never worked much with people. Even you admit that you had the foul mouth and the foul mood to match. You were upset that you had to wait.

Because you had to wait you then turned your mouth and your attitude on the first person you could lash out at. In doing as you did you showed everyone around you see what kind of person you are. We both know and all the people who read this post know that you wouldn’t have shut your trap if asked. You had worked yourself up due to placing a value on your time that was greater then anyone else’s.

Sorry but the customer is not always right. I’m betting you didn’t even give the CS rep a chance to solve your problem before you “ went off”. I’m betting that the moment they came back and said they couldn’t find it you lost it. The manager can admit the flaw in the system and do cartwheels in fro t of you yet at that point you had chosen to completely show your {{Redacted}}.

That is what the real issue is. You chose to speak to another human being as if they were less then you and in each of your interactions you were demeaning and hurtful. At what point were you the customer right? You assume that being a customer means the employees have {{Redacted}} Just because they are there to serve does not make them your slaves.

You have forgotten yourself good sir as you were raised better then that and you know it. You expect everyone to condemn Lowe’s yet fail to actually apologize to those that you have wronged. How can you expect any sympathy for your situation when you caused it? People can take only so much I agree but having to wait is just having to wait.

Your reaction to the entire situation was overblown. I share the sentiments of many posters here. I see you as just another self entitled, self important {{Redacted}} who felt the need to be a bully. You create most of your own problems and your attitude is something to work on.

It clearly shows. Even in what you write.

@Common sense

Well thank you for your insults and gross assumptions. Couldn't have made yourself look more like an {{Redacted}} Let's get a few facts straight you trolling fool.

1st I never "went off" on anyone in the presence of others. I CALLED THE 1800 COMPLAINT LINE In THE PRIVACY OF MY CAR. Yes. I dialed the number In Front of the 1st customer service rep who wouldn't help me.2nd no 4 letter words were used at the Store.3rd you don't know me or what I did or would do.

But your sophomoric basement dweller little person that you are make more assumption that are not true.4th You must be a snowflake as time and waiting means nothing to you.

Although many of us work by the hour unlike the welfare leach you.5th it is obvious from your replies that you have nothing to ad but troll fadder and insults. Move along, your mother needs her basement back.6th I am better than You, and what hurts you most is you know it....sorry, life's not fair but if you get a job you might be able to enjoy some fresh air.


If you were working at the call center for national customer service how like are you to want to help some jerk on the end of the line hurling a bunch of "choice 4 letter words" at you? Yes, your situation is frustrating but you will find people are much more willing to help you if you present your problem in a calm logical manner.

Reminds me of the time as a retail manager I was called to the service desk at the front of the store and was greeted by someone like you showing off his great vocabulary of 4 letter words. In line behind him was one of our cities off duty police officers who motioned to me that he would like to talk to the customer in front of me. I agreed. He tapped the guy on the shoulder and asked him to stop using the language he was using and was greeted with another blast of 4 letter words.

At this point the officer pulled out his badge and let him know that if he continued he would be arrested. It shut him up pretty quick.

There was a discussion about whether he would use this language in front of his children or mother and the customer agreed that he wouldn't. So why do people think it's ok to use profane language when dealing with people that are there to help them?


Right you date Lowe's has yet to deliver my product and I will continue bashing and Anti Lowe's to all my contacts. As a customer service professional you should know the customer is always right and those that are highly unsatisfied will ensure 10X the energy will be expanded to share the experience.

Still no right for harsh words. That's the nature of the job I suppose. However, you also should understand your company pays you to turn the situation around. After all, it is why they hired you.

Unfortunately, your company failed the customer and tempers are high as the customer did not just not get what they wanted they wasted many frustrating hours and have been insulted by your company and employees.

So maybe you grin bare it and do your job. In the end we all are people and the language should be tamer.

@Gerald Irmen

First of all, I never worked a Lowes, but retail is retail. At some point people came up with the idea that "the customer is alway right".

There are time they are right and times they are dead wrong. They way you treated the call center employee was dead wrong. Yes, you had a valid complaint, but using foul language was no way to approach it like a logical adult. Where I worked computer generated notifications were sent to customers as soon as the bill of lading for a shipment was entered in the computer.

Just because an order is listed on the bill of lading didn't mean it was actually on the truck. This created the exact situation you encountered from time to time. There wasn't a darn thing the employees at the store could do to make the product magically appear. All we could do is either find where the product was (still at the distribution center, on another truck or at another store) or re-order it.

Listening to a string of four letter words never solved a problem and rarely earned the offensive customer the sympathy that a rational customer got. If you want a retail employee to respect you and do their best to solve your problem you need to treat them with respect and not belittle them with your vulgar language and treating them like you are better than they are.

@Anonymous really assume a lot. 1st off the product in question was delivered to the Store.

Your knowledge of the situation is far from accurate. I received notice from SsssLowes it was delivered and told to come pick it up. 2nd off, maybe that respect thing you are preaching needs to be taught to all Sslowes employees...especially customer service. After I posted this SsssLowes local management finally called me 48 hrs later....guess what?

SsssLowes screwed up! Surprised? No. My product order was delivered, I did get the proper notice, but receiving did not do their job and customer service.

So when I went to get my product, instead of investigating why I received a notice but product not on hand ....the highly respectable customer service agent says nope product not here! Well, now that starts the chain of events.As I said before, this is not my 1st issue with SsssLowes...I have many. But it will be my last. The manager has overnight shipped the product to me....rightfully so, as my job was put behind schedule and many hours wasted.

Yes my language included 4 letter words and I am sorry. However, not once did the respectable customer service rep ask me not to use such language ...simple ask/ request a true professional would have or could have done if my language was too offensive for tender ears. The bottom line - Ssslowes is mismanaged and a poor choice for hardware personal experience which I would have kept to myself, but now I will tell everyone how bad they are because a respectable customer service rep wouldn't or couldn't do their job. SSSLOWE posts signs all over asking for feedback and after a dozen disappoints I broke and called....most of these calls are to complain not to praise...I let loose a sorry, but as usual with Ssslowes I was right and they were wrong again.

The only saving grace for Ssslowes is their honest Manager who investigated and admitted to their mistake. Hopefully, he will address the Customer Service Issue, Slow Check out process and professional training for hostile 4 letter spewing customers that have been wronged by the Ssslowes mismanagement.

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