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Lowes in Jacksonville, Florida - Vanity & Bathroom Remodel

Lowes - Vanity & Bathroom Remodel
I wrote a review on the primary Lowes website, but it was never posted. The project ran two weeks over schedule. After the demolition, it was 17 days before the next workman came out. Workmen show up one day unannounced. On another day, they were expected and never showed up or called. Their boss had sent them to another job. Lowes promised to send someone out to hang a toilet paper holder they forgot to order and never did. The toilet was installed with the shutoff valve so close, it's no longer usable. Overall the quality of the work was good.
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Lowes Installation
Reason of review
Bad quality
Preferred solution
Bring the shutoff valve up to code.

Another Customer Lowes can care less about.

I also bought a water softer, it lasted about a year. I bought a 4 year warranty with it. When it went bad, they offer only the money of the product I bought. When I bought it, they said it was a service contract, but they do not offer service in my area. Now that it is broke, they only want to replace the product with a gift card to their store and I will have to pay for the delivery fee and the service contact all over again. Hmm. Something that should not cost me a thing to replace is now costing me $$$$$. That is the biggest scam to consumers I have ever seen. What a markup to charge a customer for a product they had a service contract on. Buyer beware of the warranties. I don't know now what to do, because I still need a water softer, but don't have the money to pay for delivery and purchase the new agreement. I don't believe I should have too. What do you think customers?
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no product defect warranty, which is what you have, covers shipping and installation. Just for the replacement of the product itself.

That is the way the law is written. Why would they go above and beyond what the law stipulates, especially when they have people crawling over themselves to shop there?


I'd take time to read over your contract. Most of them cap the cost of repairs they will do at the purchase price of the item.

As they can't repair it, they are giving you the full purchase price of the water softener. Sounds reasonable to me. Not much different than car insurance. If it costs more to repair than to replace, they give you the value of the car.

You still have to get new license plates and a new insurance policy. I'd be happy they are giving me my money back.

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Lowes Customer Care
  • See my comments
Reason of review
Warranty issue
Preferred solution
Full refund

Lowes in Jacksonville, Florida - ANOMOUS

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I bet that blonde girl knows how to spell!

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Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution

Lowes in Jacksonville, Florida - 3 Dryers, 4 Refrigerators, 5 Days off of work

I purchased all of my appliances from Lowes for my first home: Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Range and Microwave, all stainless steel. My fridge was on backorder for a month because it was a special order, which I totally understand. The rest of my appliances were delivered in April. I started using them all right away. I noticed that my dryer was taking 3 cycles to dry my clothes, so I called Lowes and they came out and replaced both my washer and dryer since the dryer I had just purchased was discontinued and I wanted to have matching brands. Well the new dryer they brought me was defective and I had to wait another day until they could get me a new one. My fridge finally arrived, however when it did it had huge dents all in the side, so I sent it back. Second fridge was supposed to come two weeks later but it was too damaged to deliver. Third fridge comes and this one had major scratches to where you could see the paint below and it was the first side you saw in my kitchen. Fourth fridge arrives in June and I finally have a fridge I can deal with. I had to *** 5 day of work, 1 for delivery, which I am totally fine with, but the other 4 were for things that were their fault. One of the managers said they even inspected the fridge before it left, but obviously not when it was delivered with major dents. This process took over 2 months and what did I get for spending a few thousand dollars with Lowes? A $300 discount off my fridge. The customer service I had experienced with Lowes was terrible. The manager was not returning my calls or emails for over 2 weeks, apparently she was out on medical leave, someone else should be responsible for those calls and emails. I will never purchase another appliance or housework from Lowes. It was a very stressful experience, especially for being a first time homebuyer.
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Lowes Delivery Service
Reason of review
Damaged or defective

Lowes in Jacksonville, Florida - Forced to unfairly pay more for tile instalation

I purchased tile from Lowe's for the family room , dining room and hall way. I paid to have a Lowe's employee come out measure and look around. I was given a price for everything, the tile, grout, thin set, self leveling material, quarter rounds to go on the base boards, and transition pieces. I was very through to make sure $ 4172.49 covered everything. They showed up at my house at 9 AM as scheduled, I was out of town at a meeting so my 24 year old son met them. He was told the floor was not level enough. He called me on my cell phone and I spoke to the installer that assured me someone from Lowe's would contact me in 30 minutes and they left. Of course I never received a call. When I returned home I called Lowe's after 3 tries to speak to a human being and being transferred to extensions that did not answer or hung up on I demanded a manager. I spoke to a person who at least claimed to be a manager but obviously was not very experienced and he transferred me to installation which said they knew nothing about it and would call me back. When they called me back they said I would have to pay $800. to have my floor leveled. To say the least I was extremely upset. We agreed on a price that I paid to have the work done and now that want more money. I told them fine we would level out the 2 spots they were referring to and to come back tomorrow. I was then informed if we leveled it and the installer did not think it was done properly they still would not install my floor. The manager finally cut the price to $400.00 which of course they demanded up front before they even show up. Keep in mind I spent an hour at work dealing with this mess and I have nothing but bare floors, all of my family room furniture and dining room furniture is shoved in every hole possible even outside under an awning, There is no where to eat dinner, no where to sit and this is already Wednesday. So basically if I don't pay them more money I am stuck. I have spent a small fortune at Lowe's over the years but after this I will drive right past them to Home Depot. I am anxiously awaiting what will happen tomorrow when they show up here. I will be here and I will watch everything they do.
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  • Lousy service after the sale
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Full refund

Lowes - 12945 Atlantic Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL

When they say it's a "do it yourself" store, they really it yourself. Calling in and asking for quotes, assistance or advice is hopeless, you'll be transferred EVERYWHERE. When stopping by for a visit the people at the store make you feel like you're wasting their time. Even the large black bouncer assigned to greet and assist in your returned items at the front of the store becomes frustrated when it appears you're going to make work for them, "...ah nah dawg, wut chu waunt? wut chu waunt? Ho dup, ho dup, no no shoo, we don doo dat!" I always encourage people to "test drive" and see for yourself, give them a call (904) 486-4701 or stop by, you'll see what I mean.
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As you said, Lowe's is a DIY (Do It Yourself) store.

Unfortunately, Lowe's has tried to accomodate customers to a point where something has to fail. You cannot wait on people who got up off their *** and drove to a store to "shop" and some lazy *** that wants to call asking you to describe an item over the phone with questions like "How does it feel?" "How blue is it?" "Does it look contemporary?"

While an employee is surrounded by more customers than he/she can work with at any given time, and someone is on the phone, you have to encourage the customer to come into the store. Either the phone customer gets all their attention and the 10 in-person fail to get assistance.

Also, good luck with your elitest attitude....


One more self entitled racist!! I'm just doing my job. Protecting and serving retail associates!!


I would address a specific problem if you stated one. All I get from your post is this: Blah blah blah....I'm an unhappy racist.

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Cheap Lowes

I parked my car around 7 o'clock in the morning and i came back to pick up my car back around 1 o'clock in afternoon. however my car was gone. I tried to look for the notice sticker or signs around the parking lot. but i could not find any signs of my car. therefore I went inside to the lowes and asked about the car. They said they called the towing service and took the car away without noticing me. There was no notice sticker nor call from them. I even left my phone number and name front of the car. I paid $130 to get my car back. We can not see the warning sign around the parking lot easily. Therefore I am trying to tell to those workers who works in building structures or people who needs to buy some stuff. I recommand to go to the Home depot. Because Lowes can tow your car away if you are not showing up about 4 hours. I am so disappointed. They got better customer services also we can see the parking warning signs easier than lowes. Lowes is so cheap that they will tow your car away without call or notice tag if you park your car for a while. Also Lowes is not really helpful to us. If our car broke down front of the Lowes, we can not park the car. Beacuse they will tow your car without noticing even if your car is broke. I truely recommand not to use lowes. They are so cheap and not helpful to us.
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This is so funny! I can't believe someone has the nerve to complain about getting their car towed in a private parking lot.

I love the rants on this site. Full of angry miserable people that think the world owes them for every inconvenience.

Hmmm here is an idea, try following rules and talking to people with respect. I bet you also went in to the store raising bloody murder and that is probably why no one took the time to help you find your car.


@ Seriously?

I challenge you to spell "challenge."

Learn how to spell! Dumb ***!


Actually there are signs everywhere during football games and stadium events for the cheapskates that dont want to pay for stadium parking so they park at Lowe's and think the signs are a bluff. You have to be blind not to see them!

Lowe's doesn't care, it's the of the plaza security that has the cars towed, not Lowe's. Why should they be held responsible?


Let's see - signs were posted - you parked anyway - car towed. Makes sense to me. After all, it is a parking lot, not a Park-N-Ride.


Let's see, you had $1000 in the back seat and you parked your car in a parking lot (meant for consumers of that business), left it there for a significant amount of time, didn't notify store management or anybody of the situation and you are pissed off at the business for towing your car. Amazing how *** you are and this is just indicative of the attitude prevalent in our country -- that it is always the other guys fault!!

I'm never wrong because I am the consumer and afterall the consumer is always right.

Right?? Wrong, Dummy!!!!

Take responsibility for your actions and grow up!!!!!!


Sounds to me like "wondering" there might be a Lowes' employee or even a store manager to get this upset at the complaint, but why call this person ***? unnecessary! Lowes commited an unprofessional act and total diregard to this person.


Call corp. North Carolina, Lowes does not own the parking lot.They just might cut you a check.


Leadership is a choice and responsibility! If your people love you and follow you, they will help you!

If Lowes knew how to treat their own, they would put Depot out of business!

Ask yourself, how commited are you? A follower obeys, a leader CHALLANGES!


You don't seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed my friend. Why don't you park your car in a Home Depot lot if you prefer them.

Or at least tell the stores mgmt of your plight next time. They would probably let you borrow a phone for a tow service.


i know it is my fault that i parked my car in their parking lot. but they should least notice me where is my car at. because i had about $1000 in my back seat.

I didnt know my car was stolen or towed.


Why would you leave $1000 in the back seat?


I'm just wondering why you are parking your car in their lot if you are not in their store shopping. Stores provide parking for their customers, not commuters or people too chesp to pay for a parking spot elsewhere. Don't blame Lowes you basstard.

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Lowes in Jacksonville, Florida - Lowe's customer service stinks for me

I bought a refrigerator from lowes, I purchased the lowes adavantage service, well my refrigerator broke down I lost all the stuff in my maytag refrigerator and I called lowes to get it fixed. well.... theytold my someone would be at my house between 8 to 5 after sitting all day waiting on the service guy to show up. I started calling around 3 it is 8:00 and the regency square manager of lowes told me the service guy said I never answered my phone and I wasn't home so the guy wasn'T COMMING...I told him I have been here all day I gotr up at 6am to make sure I was ready for him. he said well he isn't comming and you have to reschedule!!!!!! I said no i have waited all day it was his job to make sure he showed up!!! he said mam the service has nothing to do with Lowe's????? I asked him why was it called Lowe's service advantage??????? if it had nothing to do with Lowe's ? he said sorry but you have to call them tomorrow and reschedule, I asked for the corp. office # he said all they are going to do is call me and I just told you the service has nothing to do with Lowe's . I told him your company is only as good as your service, if your service sucked , the company sucks. I told him what good was the warranty when they don't honor it??? I am sorry you do not treat customers like that!!!!!! not if you want them to come back! I have bought the frig, a dishwasher, and a washing machine but I will never buy another thing in Lowe's you just don't treat people like this !!! they say word of mouth goes a long way I have a big mouth and will never miss an opportunity to rag on Lowe's
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Most of the time we get 2 phone numbers from our customers as points of contact and as usual the phone numbers are wrong/incorrect and /or they never answer their phones much less call if they are going to be late for appointments. :cry


WOW, A team leader!


Coming from a team leader that works over an appliance dept within the Lowe's company, you obviously didn't read anything about your extended protection plan. Any retail store you buy a plan from hires a 3rd party company to deal with them that has nothing to do with the company.

Lowe's doesn't have repair people working for the store, the hotline you call isn't even a lowe's employee, it's some person answering the phone connecting you to a repair man in your area whether you live in Maine or Kentucky, but it's all the same number. I do agree that Lowe's could have called the repair company for you and provided better customer service, but you have to understand that your lowe's store had nothing to do with scheduling your repair or the people that repair it so you cant blame the store for an outside repairman not showing up.

You buy that plan as coverage for your own protection to save you $$$ when something goes wrong. The price of the plan is much cheaper than a service call and any parts and labor if you didn't have it, so before you criticize you need to pay more attention to the details of what you buy.


:p It "stinks" for you? Maybe it's your upper lip or your armpits. Take a shower.


As big of a mouth you have chances are only your friends and family will listen to you. The majority of us will forget about this.

I know you are hoping your big mouth will put Lowes out of business but it won't.

Are you even sure you gave the right phone number. Looking at your spelling and grammar errors perhaps you wrote the wrong phone number.


Not for nothing, but the service advantage brochure says the customer service number right there on it...

All you had to do was call them, calling the store was a waste of time, they have no control over the service provider.

That being said NEW should have taken care of you, and your extended warranty covered your food loss as well, did you ask about that??

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