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Lowes in Jacksonville, Florida - Lowe's customer service stinks for me

I bought a refrigerator from lowes, I purchased the lowes adavantage service, well my refrigerator broke down I lost all the stuff in my maytag refrigerator and I called lowes to get it fixed. well.... theytold my someone would be at my house between 8 to 5 after sitting all day waiting on the service guy to show up. I started calling around 3 it is 8:00 and the regency square manager of lowes told me the service guy said I never answered my phone and I wasn't home so the guy wasn'T COMMING...I told him I have been here all day I gotr up at 6am to make sure I was ready for him. he said well he isn't comming and you have to reschedule!!!!!! I said no i have waited all day it was his job to make sure he showed up!!! he said mam the service has nothing to do with Lowe's????? I asked him why was it called Lowe's service advantage??????? if it had nothing to do with Lowe's ? he said sorry but you have to call them tomorrow and reschedule, I asked for the corp. office # he said all they are going to do is call me and I just told you the service has nothing to do with Lowe's . I told him your company is only as good as your service, if your service sucked , the company sucks. I told him what good was the warranty when they don't honor it??? I am sorry you do not treat customers like that!!!!!! not if you want them to come back! I have bought the frig, a dishwasher, and a washing machine but I will never buy another thing in Lowe's you just don't treat people like this !!! they say word of mouth goes a long way I have a big mouth and will never miss an opportunity to rag on Lowe's
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Most of the time we get 2 phone numbers from our customers as points of contact and as usual the phone numbers are wrong/incorrect and /or they never answer their phones much less call if they are going to be late for appointments. :cry


WOW, A team leader!


Coming from a team leader that works over an appliance dept within the Lowe's company, you obviously didn't read anything about your extended protection plan. Any retail store you buy a plan from hires a 3rd party company to deal with them that has nothing to do with the company.

Lowe's doesn't have repair people working for the store, the hotline you call isn't even a lowe's employee, it's some person answering the phone connecting you to a repair man in your area whether you live in Maine or Kentucky, but it's all the same number. I do agree that Lowe's could have called the repair company for you and provided better customer service, but you have to understand that your lowe's store had nothing to do with scheduling your repair or the people that repair it so you cant blame the store for an outside repairman not showing up.

You buy that plan as coverage for your own protection to save you $$$ when something goes wrong. The price of the plan is much cheaper than a service call and any parts and labor if you didn't have it, so before you criticize you need to pay more attention to the details of what you buy.


:p It "stinks" for you? Maybe it's your upper lip or your armpits. Take a shower.


As big of a mouth you have chances are only your friends and family will listen to you. The majority of us will forget about this.

I know you are hoping your big mouth will put Lowes out of business but it won't.

Are you even sure you gave the right phone number. Looking at your spelling and grammar errors perhaps you wrote the wrong phone number.


Not for nothing, but the service advantage brochure says the customer service number right there on it...

All you had to do was call them, calling the store was a waste of time, they have no control over the service provider.

That being said NEW should have taken care of you, and your extended warranty covered your food loss as well, did you ask about that??

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