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I am having 300 sq feet tiled in my home. my living room and bathroom the tile for the living was 1.69 sq foot and bathroom was 1.49 sq ft . After all there add on and charges it ended being 4200 that I charged on my Lowe’s card . I bought fixer upper house 3 years ago...
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They botched our kitchen floor ; using two rolls to complete the job which were manufactured in differing "Lot" numbers and did not match as they should have.

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  • Will never use them again for a remodel job
  • Six weeks for installation not expectable
Reason of review
Not done in a timely manner going on six week I have a floor done .
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Just stressed out six week is not acceptable Lowe’s got money on time why did I have to wait so long . People just don’t care 4200 dollars is a lot to me . Time is priceless

Lowes in Lakeland, Florida - Supposed to get a rebate and all i get is a denied

The store said I was supposed to get a refund. if this is how you run you rebate system I will never patronize your store again
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Lied to by CSRs about when to receive rebate. The mylowes app says rebate sent, email says in process.

Supervisor said 2-3 weeks.

Absolutely no help at all! Furious at being misled!


You don't include much for details in your complaint. What did you buy and what was the rebate supposed to be?

Many of their rebates have a number of exclusions. Did you take time to carefully read the rebate form before making your purchase?

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Lowes in Lakeland, Florida - Terrible Customer Service

I've always preferred Lowe's to their competitors but after this experience never again. I purchased a washer/dryer and setup to have them delivered through their delivery service contractor. The night before they called around 8pm with a delivery time frame between 3-7 for the next day which was kinda weird. I mean talk about last minute. The next evening 630pm no one has showed up or called so I call and they explain the driver is running behind he'll be there by 730pm. Then 830pm rolls around once again no one has showed up or called so I call back a bit frustrated this time and they tell me sorry the driver can't work anymore hours we'll deliver it 2 days from now. Lol at first I thought this must be a joke I've never had customer service this bad. I wasted my Saturday night with my kids waiting around on this delivery, my old washer/dryer is disconnected sitting outside, and my door is off the hinges all to make the delivery easy for them. Then they conveniently wait until the store is closed so I can't call and give them a piece of my mind to tell me sorry we'll deliver it 2 days from now!
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Reason of review
Bad quality

Lowes in Lakeland, Florida - Washer Dryer purchase

We purchase a Samsung washer and dryer from Lowes in Lakeland, Florida. We also purchased a five year warranty on each item. The washer begin acting quirky after a year, then dryer went out completely several months later. The tech came out 12/01/17 to service dryer unit. I assume the necessary parts was ordered. It is now 12/27/17 and the dryer is still broken. Telephone Lowes warranty service three times with the latest call on 12/27/17. Lowes state that there is nothing they can do to resolve issue. We have been going to laundry mat and have spent approximately $80.00 dollars in coin. The warranty purchase was a waste of money. We are disappointed and no longer have faith in Lowes ability to provide service after the purchase. Dana
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You don't say what the issue is. Is the part backordered from the manufacturer?

If so, what do you expect them to do? They don't make the parts and need to wait till the manufacturer has them back in stock.

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Poor customer service

Lowes Refused Vet ID card without photo.

A few months ago I was told by Lowes that as a veteran, I could receive a discount. I told them I would be happy to provide a copy of my DD214 along with a copy of my drivers license. This was not acceptable. I was then told that I'd have to provide a Veterans ID card which I had never heard of prior. I did some investigation online and found a veterans linked organization that provided such a card. There were two types of cards available one that needed a photo and one that didn't a a lesser price. I purchased the VET ID after submitting the relevant information and received it in about two weeks. My next trip to Lowes I provided the card as they requested. I was refused the discount again because it did not have a photo. It was very humiliating!! I served during the Vietnam War, their refusal was a slap in the face. The Lowes is located in the small town of Bartow, Florida. In my opinion, Lowes dishonors those that serve or that have served. What a disgrace!
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So you realize that a document with no photo attached really is of no use for identification right. I mean if i walked around with my birth certificate and told them this was my ID they would laugh in my face.

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Lowes in Lakeland, Florida - Short answer is *** Poor Service.

Store closes at 22:00 New what I wanted. Entered went straight to isle. Pic, walk to check out counter ALL closed. Ask for assistance. Directed to "customer service counter" where three (3x) persons with LOWES "uniforms" fraternizing with obviously someone they knew well (girlfriend, sister, or...???) no attention paid. Started becoming obvious that they did not deem it "the appropriate time to shop". Treated with disdain when finally "helped". Though it best to take my hard earned cash (and it was cash) elsewhere. Left store at 21:02 or give them the benefit of the doubt 21:03. Wife has been complaining about lack of service (if you can call it that) for a while. Took my business to HD where I was astounded that there were actually other customers (imagine that) several in fact, shopping after 21:30 whereas not 15-20 min ago I could have sworn that I was the only one at LOWES. For the record my Zip is 33812 south of Lakeland (city central) FL.
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I actually appreciate that you went over to Depot to bother them. Most people that have never worked retail have no idea that we might have lives outside of the store. Thanks for taking your business elsewhere.


I take it that you are one of those people that think if you come in at the last minute you are going to get all sorts of help because the poor employees want to get home. You are right in that they want to go home.

You are wrong that you will get good service. You will get minimal rushed service if any at all. They have things to get cleaned up before leaving as well as helping people that think as long as they are in the door before it gets locked they can stay there as long as they want.

Be reasonable and shop earlier so you can be out of the store before closing time. They are open plenty of hours, you don't need to keep them late.


Well maybe you shouldn't be shopping out so late? Cool that you came to HD but still.. You're one of those annoying customers that think just because it's 1 minute to close we should wait on you hand and foot.

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