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Lowes in Lakeland, Florida - Washer Dryer purchase

We purchase a Samsung washer and dryer from Lowes in Lakeland, Florida. We also purchased a five year warranty on each item. The washer begin acting quirky after a year, then dryer went out completely several months later. The tech came out 12/01/17 to service dryer unit. I assume the necessary parts was ordered. It is now 12/27/17 and the dryer is still broken. Telephone Lowes warranty service three times with the latest call on 12/27/17. Lowes state that there is nothing they can do to resolve issue. We have been going to laundry mat and have spent approximately $80.00 dollars in coin. The warranty purchase was a waste of money. We are disappointed and no longer have faith in Lowes ability to provide service after the purchase. Dana
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You don't say what the issue is. Is the part backordered from the manufacturer?

If so, what do you expect them to do? They don't make the parts and need to wait till the manufacturer has them back in stock.

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Samsung Glass top Cracked on right side, Lowes extended warranty refuses to fix it.

Bought samsung glass top range in April 2014 along with Lowes extended warranty for 5 years. My glass top cracked on right side from front to back in August 2016 and I have fought with them ever since, they will not repair it . Apparently there are a lot of complaints on Consumer complaints when googled, 261 today up from 222 when I first called to have it fixed in August. The warranty plainly states that this is covered but they have said they don't cover cosmetic damage and even have said it looks to have spidered out from a strike point which I did not do. DO NOT BUY LOWES extended warranty because they will deny coverage for parts order put in by the technician that they sent and then the appliance company will call you the next day and say that Lowes refused to cover the part so parts and labor will be $599.00 to fix.
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Same thing happened to me, my glass cooktop cracked out of nowhere one evening after cooking. No worries I thought because I have the Lowes 5yr extended warranty, Well I called they sent someone out, filed a claim and after not hearing anything for 2 weeks I called and they told me the claim was denied.

This appliance is less than 2 years old (Whirlpool not Samsung).

The glass part alone is $400 +, the stove was only $900. Not happy, I intend to follow up on this as much as I can.


I have same Samsung Glass cracked and two of lowes tech came out to my house and they both said same thing that it's thermal crack due to heat but Lowes is saying it's impact crack and they don't cover that, also black stainless steel refg and range surface pain is coming off due to bad paint job but they are saying it's cosmetic damage and we don't cover that. it's all B.S.

if they don't want to cover anything why are the selling warranty and taking people's hard earned money.

I would like to know if anyone had a lawsuit against this thief. I am advising everyone to stay away from Samsung and LOWES


I just wanted to respond that Lowes executive services refunded my range under EPP BUYOUT. I contacted BBB and brought a resolution within a couple weeks.

NEVER AGAIN will I argue and waste time for six months with a warranty dept.

who has no intentions of repairing their appliances nor will I buy an extended warranty from any store that does not have a service department. Don't give up, try other sources.


Take time to read your warranty and you will see, in print, that cosmetic issues are not covered. If the cooktop works a crack in the corner is just cosmetic.

You will also find that defects are covered, not damage. If the crack was caused by something being dropped on it you damaged stand should be responsible for it. Look at it this way, if you had a child start banging on the front of one of your appliances with a toy truck and dented the door and scratched up the paint would you expect your warranty to cover the damage caused by your child? Any one with a bit of common sense wouldn't.

As h.kitchener points out there is a lot of care involved with glass tops. They look great in the showroom but are a pain in the butt to maintain.


Buying these "extended warranties" is almost always a total waste of money on your part. The only ones who make out is the seller(Lowe's) and the company providing the warranty service, which can be a separate company or the retailer itself(Lowe's).

As in your case, the set the rules and unless you want to take them to court, they get to say whether or not they will pay on a claim. The second thing is that these glass-topped ranges are a real pain to keep clean and have to be used very carefully or you can do some serious and costly damage if you drop a pan on it the wrong way, etc. We had one and after two years, we just bought a new electric old-style and basic range without any bells and whistles. We gave the 2 year old glass-topped range to a total stranger just to get rid of it.

It was in perfect condition but we were tired of the hassle of owning it. At this point, never shop at Lowe's again and stay away from any extended warranty nonsense.

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