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Lowes in Naples, Florida - Poor employee customer services

To Whom It May Concern: I was in your Lowes store #2261 on Saturday October 13, 2018 at 18:38 and had a conflict with one of your customer service Personnel on that date. I needed to have my credit card looked up which Elle did for me. She proceeded to ring up my items, a Grab bar, 3 small flashlights and a timer. Then she walked away from me. I needed a bag to exit the store. Elle when to ring up another customer, I stated I needed a bag, but it fell on deaf ears of both the personnel behind the Customer service counter. I stated it again but no one seemed to hear. I nugged the other counter personnel girl on her right arm, who was on the phone, for a bag. She stated sharply and loudly, “Don’t you touch me”. I stated I need a bag. She stated “don’t you lay your hands on me”. In amazement, and truly exhaustion, I stated forget the bag. She said “You got that”. As I was approaching the door, “I stated you don’t have to be a ***** to me, I just wanted a bag.” She called at me, “what did you say?” I repeated it to her, as she was very wrong to talk to a regular customer in that manner. “You don’t lay your hands on me”, as she was bobbing her head. I told her she didn’t have to get all Ghetto on me, she is working and needs to be aware of customers. “Your ghetto” she stated. I stated I can call the manager from my phone. I left the store. I called the store when I got to my car and left off my stuff in my car.. I went to the lumber check out and called the store on my phone. Finally a manager (a female) did answer the call and I asked for her to meet me in lumber, register 1. A man came down and was answering another customer’s questions and then he stated can I help you. I stated I was waiting for a manager and he stated he was one. I told him the event, as I am telling you. It is important to state that the whole time the person I had the conflict was on the phone with another customer, speaking to me in the manner that she did. The other phone customer had to hear her as she talked loudly, rudely and insubordinately to another customer. I am a regular customer, and actually that day I passed 2 Lowe’s and 2 Home Depot, as the Job I am working at is in Fort Myers, but I usually stop at the one close to my home, which is this store. In fact on Tuesday, I spent over $1000 for sinks, garbage disposals, and faucets. I will shortly be working on a entire kitchen renovation in the next couple of weeks. As well as a Garage renovation coming up at Thanksgiving. I make big purchases at least 4 to 6 times a month. I did not appreciate the girl’s response to a simple and non-malice nug, and I do not believe Lowe’s wants this to be the person that customers need to interact with. Not only was she rude and belligerent to me, but the customer on the phone was witness to the event as well. She was not aware of other customers in her area. even when I came up and was waiting to be checked out, as she was facing me. Elle had to move from her station to assist me. The girl in the Lumber check out immediately acknowledge me even tho I was just standing there. This was a very unpleasant interaction in your store, mostly due an employee who has no sense that she is there to help the customer, not to ignore, insult and berate the customer I would appreciate their response for this event.
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You ever touch me, I will floor you. You don't understand the harrassment we have to deal with.

I don't want your dirty hands on me. Nasty!


There's more to this story than you're telling.


How do you think you lost $2000 because you didn't get a bag? I've never considered a plastic bag from Lowes to be worth that kind of money.


Considering you stated this in your complaint... Monetary Loss: $2000.

You Do Not come across as credible.

You come across as greedy. So What is the True story?

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