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Lowes - Horrendous Customer Experience
I went into the store and purchased a washer and dryer (didn't finance, but 100% purchased). They said the earliest they could deliver it would be a week and a half later. A week after the purchase I received a call saying they no longer had that set available for me....
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Not sure why you are so distressed. Lowe's found out they could not supply you with the model you wanted and called when they found out.

They offered you a different set which you refused so the sale was cancelled.

It's nice you got the same model from another retailer, so what is the problem here? Sounds like you just want to complain about something.

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Lowes Delivery Service
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Order processing issue

Lowes Deceptive Ordering and Happy Review Policy

Lowes Deceptive Ordering and Happy Review Policy
Lowes has an amazingly sweet staff designed to grab your money quick but then try to get your merchandise delivered and don't complain about our terrible service. When the refrigerator in my condominium died I started searching for a replacement online for a unit that would match the limited space available. I found a match on the Lowes website but their delivery and pick-up policy was not clear so I called the company for clarification before placing the order. I explained that my niece was living in the unit and I needed the unit delivered as soon as possible as she had a new baby and milk in the freezer that had to stay frozen. The women on the line told me that the unit included free delivery and pickup of the old unit and delivery would be no problem. I thanked her and said I would go online and order it and she told me that I could place the order with her and there would be no need to go back to the website. We received the order notification via email and I forwarded it to my niece to schedule delivery. She called me back within minutes to tell me that the unit would not be delivered for at least 2 weeks as it was a special order item - this was never mentioned when Lowes took the order. I tried to cancel the order so I could get the items somewhere else and customer service told me that it would be 5-7 days before the money would be refunded as they already charged my card. As I was complaining customer service kept telling me that they did disclose to me the delivery date which was getting me even more irritated. I said please point out where on this order it says the date when this order can be delivered. She pointed me to a small date on the delivery button on their website. I said "I never got to order this online your sales department took the order over the phone". She says I know but I wanted to show you that we do tell you how long it will take for delivery. What really pushed me over the edge is we still don't have the refrigerator but received a survey email questioning the unit. Well we gave them the feedback their terrible and deceptive service deserved. Today we got back that they rejected the survey review because it didn't match their guidelines. Since the survey was pretty much to the point I am guessing happy reviews are only accepted.
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When you selected the model online and you had to enter your zip code to show the price (mandatory) in a box to the right it tells you when it will be available or if its currently stocked, as this should have been explained by the sales associate was probably just trying to get a sale . Probably just pushed the order through thinking that you were aware of the ETA due to you being online.The 5-7 day delay to get refunded on your card is not a Lowe's thing it is actually your bank when a refund issued it is instant, you can get cashed out which is the faster way of receiving your money back, if not your bank will give you the 5-7 day time frame. Further more Lowe's is one of the main appliance stores that contains stocked appliance and a wide selection , why didn't you check for stocked item's you would have been eligible for free next day delivery, you have to assume some responsibility at some point.


I have had all good experiences with lowes they credited me pretty much the cost of a jacuzzi spa tub for coming in the wrong color .which was a hearty credit.I was remodeling my bathroom at the time, and had to rent one of those small containers to store all my bathroom stuff.but I'm glad I saw this so I can look out for any billing problems,which would be on synchrony banks hands.


Yes Anonymous reading is important. You must have miss read that the order was placed over the phone...


As it was wrong for the salesman didn't tell you when it would come in it was just as wrong for you not being able to properly read.

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