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Lowes in Tampa, Florida - Could not find any help.

I went to Lowe's on Water's Avenue on Monday to buy a new front door and new french doors for the back of my house. Could not find anyone to help me. Went back this evening, and still could not find anyone to help me. I even went to the front desk and had someone call for help, still no one came after 15 minutes of waiting. Here I am wanting to spend money, to help our economy, and no one in the store seemed at all interested in making a sale. My advise - Stay away from Lowes!!!!
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you need to stop thinking the whole *** world owes you anything and get off your lazy *** and do it yourself! worthless biggots like you who think the sun shines outta their ***, make working in retail a pain. go die a lonely death , *** spoiled american.

@*** wipe!

Wow really, to want service that they claim to provide is only right. I for one cannot find work and just walked into a Lowes installation and they could not speak English....They have a better contract than me and my way more experienced English s-peaking and god fearing buddy could get.

We worked mainly section 8 houses and lost money....but they had great installers that would give you their personal number in case of a problem and also guaranteed installation for at least one year. Will the illegals that installed the caret in that upset English speaking womans house be there to help her if something went wrong. Do they even have the experience to know if carpet is delaminated or they just make it work so the customer loses every time.

Lowes is helping destroy the American culture by also basic slave labor and under cutting the people that you are trying to defend and ecentually it hits every trades wallet making trade work even more unskilled and worthless in the future. When there is someone hungry in your own nationality that needs work and you look elsewhere it reminds me of the slave trade.


I too, have trouble locating help at Lowe's. I have to walk what seems like miles to find help, and then the person I find doesn't know anything.

Our Lowes does not hire enough employees to make sure every customer is helped quickly.The gerden department is particularly bad. Few employees and no one knows anything about plants.

I also do not like their round-robin sub-contracting system. If I get one sub-contracter that I like, I want to hire that one again, not someone new. Lowes also avoids responsibility for hiring illegal aliens this way.

They do not make sure their sub-contractors do hire illegals. You never know until they show up and don't speak English.

Infuriating!! :(


with the state of the economy sales are the life blood of the store. if you do not have sales then you cant have payroll to have associates in the store


Why does everybody think that if they have a dollar in their pocket they are important?

Who *****cares! Surely not the employees making minimum wage...

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Lowes would screwup a soup sandwich

I made a big mistake and ordered replacement windows at Lowe's. A disaster! Lowe's ordered too few windows despite being given a written order; the windows did not arrive when we were told they would, and we have to wait a further 3 weeks to receive the window that they were short. On top of all this the store attitude is "so what". Their store policy must be "hire the handicapped it's fun to watch them work." I have no idea what has happened in the past few years. Up till then Lowe's was a fairly efficiet well run store. No longer!
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I enjoy soup. I find it's just right for sitting at home making fun of the handicapped on whiny consumer websites.


Well you would screw up a soup sandwich as well since it is soup and sandwich not soup sandwich, and it is screw up not screwup. Also what does not getting your order haveing to do with making a soup and sandwich.

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Lowes in Tampa, Florida - Limited access for disabled to shop

I am a disabled veteran. I went to the Lowe's store on 22nd. ave. n. in St. Petersburg,Fl. My intention was to buy an air conditioner and ceiling fan. I asked if they had electric carts for the disabled. I was told that they only had two. one was in use by another disabled customer and the other was nowhere to be seen, absolutely no concern by the employees(asked several). I checked another entrance to no avail. I got "pissed" and left. I went across the street to Home Depot and purchased both to the tune of $330. Bad customer relations and you lost one. I worked in the home improvement industry for Fred Meyer on the west coast and if any employee treated a customer in this manner you are unemployed.
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You sir are a retard......I am also a disabled vet. The V.A.

gave me an electric chair for free and it fits in my wifes Nissan Versa. Get up off your fat *** and walk.

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Lowes does not honor their expensive warranty

I bought a pressure washer from lowes. They sold me a 3 yr warranty to cover any mechanical faliures. They didn't bother to mention that the warranty is void if machine is used for commercial use. Now that my machine needs repairs, Lowed is trying their best to wiggle out of their end of the deal. I paid $64.95 for the warranty and when I took my machine to the shop the shop charged me $35 for some simple repair but did not change the pump which was why I took it to the shop in the first place. Also their manager at Lowes pretended to really want to help me but conviently was currently out of loner machines so I was stuck in the wind to go dig out of savings to buy a new machine so that my business could function for the day. I will run an add in my local news paper and tell everyone I see if lowes does not fix my machine!
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Your Lowes extended warranty runs concurrent with the mfr. If the mfr warranty is 2 yrs, you have purchased a 3rd year.

If it is 1 yr, you purchased years 2&3. That itself is highly deceptive. Also, no one will ever ask you what your occupation is, much less a cashier. Also, you are not covered for any part deemed a regular maintenance item, which there are plenty on the pressure washer.

Plus, any damage is not covered. You have an argument that is bigger than the store.


The terms and conditions clearly state that the plan will not cover commercial use.

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Lowes in Tampa, Florida - They sold us a front door that didnt fit and insisted it did

we bought a door from Lowes/the salesman took our measurements and gave us a door. the door didnt fit. they argued over the phone several times and different stories were told to us by different people / out and lies. they would not make good and we said fine pick up the door and give us our money back. they said no/ they would rent us a truck and bring it back ourselves. first of all we both have arthritis and cant pick them up and lift them into a truck and secondly this was thier mistake and we feel they should pick it up. secondly, they recently measured our floors for tile and they measured over 100 sq. ft more than the other company(the other co. did it and they had left over)
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The doors at the building supply houses are generally manufactured using the same materials as the doors at the boxes... I would have to say that shipping/handling takes a toll on Lowe's doors, whereas building supply's are better for not being damaged.


It si anazing how people think they are getting a deal with these outfits. I am a contractor and there are no deals at Lowes,Menards,Home depot.

I can always get a better quality product at the local lumberyard at the same price or less.

These places have *** products at the price you can get a quality one for. As for Sally boo hoo you keep going there you deserve it.


why would you contract them to do your floors if you felt they did your door incorrectly?


Boo hoo hooooo :cry

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Lowes in Tampa, Florida - Where is my broan range hood?????

hello, my name is Susan Owens, and on january 25th i purchased over $6000 worth of appliances at lowe's in brandon,. i am having a kitchen remodel and they were nice enough to hold these items for me. well the other day, on thursday may 1st, my appliances were delivered to me, but not my Broan range hood 193741 RM659004, which i paid $1468.00. the manager at lowe's went back and also looked for it. he said he couldn't find it either, and that it looks like it was stolen from lowe's warehouse, and had an idea who might have done this but couldn't blame anyone yet. so they told me that they had to order another one from hartford, wisconsin and that it would take 1 week to get here. now that creats a problem,setting things back a week for my kitchen to get done. they also said that they could not send it over night because it was too heavy? BULL ***!!! I NEED MY RANGE HOOD AND ALSO NEED SOME KIND OF COMPENSATION FOR THIS ***. I DO HOPE THAT THEY FIND THE *** THAT STOLE MY RANGE HOOD. THANK YOU, SUSAN OWENS, 7107 LIMESTONE LANE, TAMPA FLA 33619 813-612-9563 Email:
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Lowes in Tampa, Florida - Lack of Cashiers at Lowe's

At 10:30 AM at Lowe's Winter Haven Store, there were no customer cashiers on duty except one in customer service. There were self-service cashier not operating propertly. Upon speaking to the store manager Steve McPherson, he was not concerned, imoplite and said to use the cust. svc. cashier, who was very busy and distraught. Very poor customer relations at this store. This is not the first complaint I've had with Lowe's in the Winter Haven, Fla Store. P. Stringfellow, 863-294-3673. Call me anytime to hear it personally. Paul Stringfellow, 1-863-294-3673
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Try Menards


I've had the same problem with Lowe's and Home Depot.

But you know what..

I got over it.

Try it sometime pal!


Whey would you shop at a store you had so many problem with??? Move on try Home Depot..

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