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Lowes in Titusville, Florida - Laminate flooring installed without moisture barrier TWICE

Lowes - Laminate flooring installed without moisture barrier TWICE
Lowes - Laminate flooring installed without moisture barrier TWICE

Update by user Jul 13, 2018

46 days, still in motel, still unable to return to my home and have access to any of my personal items. No refunds for any receipts I have turned in.

My credit card is max out. I am having to choose between eating or putting gas in my car so I can travel back and forth to check my mail, meet appraiser, going to the food bank, Dr. appointments... I feel I am being held hostage by Lowes/ Keller interriors(installers).

Several emails to Lowes insurance claims officer Suzett Grist asking for detailed plan, process, time frame for refund, any information has gone unanswered. Calls and emails to local Lowes manager Sharon Clark is answered with the phares " I have past it on". The stress is wearing on my health. I am in the process of seeking the help of a third party.

Year and a half to solve what started out to be a "fixable problem", only to be made worse every step because Lowes and Keller interiors would not step up and take responsibility.

My advise to anyone who has had flooring installed by Lowes who contracts out to Keller interiors, check what is under your flooring. Just because you paid for professional installation and moisture barrier is no guarantee that is what you will get.

Original review posted by user Jun 13, 2018

First installation of laminate floor discovered moisture barrier still in garage after job completed. Took 3 weeks before Lowes came to the house to verify. Only " solution" (because contract I signed) to give them the opportunity to fix the problem. The fix was to tear up the floor, lay moisture barrier, then lay same flooring again. Not what I wanted but I did sign a contract. Within 6 months floor is "peaking". 6 more months of testing moisture levels 3 different times, Lowes insisting I must have a leak in my home. All home inspection none. I had time to read small print and all the manufacturer's warrinty. Warrinty is only good for FIRST installation only. Got $ back for installation and will get refund for flooring when I return the floor. Had the floor taken up. LESS then 100 sq ft of my 1200sq ft floor to be covered was covered with moisture barrier. Strips of barrier were cut 5in by 10 in place in doorways at transitional trim to make it appear the barrier had been laid through out. My Home is now condemned, do to mold. All my furniture, mattress, rugs, all pours surfaces will need to be disposed of. My house will have to be to totally emptied and inventoried,cleaned from top to bottom. There is also cross contamination in the garage, and my car. This is my third week in a motel waiting for Lowes insurance just to approve the clean up. After that if everything goes right will take at least 9 days. I have sent Lowes the bills from motel and food but have not received a refund yet. I have MS and liver disease,this has been really hard on me physically. I don't dare say it can't get worse!
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The floor installer for Lowes is Keller interiors out of Orlando Fl. BEWARE!!!


You did not create a house-condemning mold problem in barely a year. A fluctuating moisture reading indicates other problems as well.

Certainly an ill fitting floor doesn't help but there's no way that the presence or lack of the thin plastic "barrier" caused a system wide failure. I'm sorry about your health issues but it sounds like the real problem has been brewing for some time.


According to the moisture reading taken by keller interior and Lowes before the First installation, it was 2. well below acceptable reading in Florida.

There was a second reading before the 2nd reintallation.The floor was without moisture barrier on bare cement for total of 18 plus months. If at any time the problem had been addressed and taken care of correctly/professionally from the very beginning instead of purposely damaging the flooring when reinstalling and being deceptive in laying the moisture barrier the second time, not to mention stealing the other1200 sq ft of the barrier that was obviously not used in my house, it would have never been an issue. I also have been assured by the the mold cleaning professional that Lowes uses, and two other professional installers, that the lack of the barrier is the source of the problem allowing the moisture to be in direct contact with the flooring resulting in the black mold.

Why did you think it was an " ill fitted floor"? Have you had issues with Keller installation too?


You stated that the floor "is peaking" which indicates improper or damaged goods , not properly fitting the original tongue and groove cut. I have lived in Florida myself and found that the laws of physics are stretched to the limit there because of humidity (which we in the north very rarely see as an issue).

If each piece wasn't placed in the previous location, they won't fit right. It only takes an inch per foot before a 12 ft room is one foot off ; and can't be repaired. I wish I was your friend or neighbor ; I'd take your case for free just because I'm a bored old attorney who has sympathy for your post.

I hope you can get this straightened out , and I'm really sorry about the MS because I have seen how dreadful that can be. You don't need any more problems !


Anonymous, You obviously have NO clue about mold.

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