Sedalia, Missouri
Not resolved

Worked twice for this Company. Didn't learn my lesson.

I was hired in june 2014, It had been 7 years since I had worked for them. Absolutely no training! Horrible manager, he was finally terminated. Hired another one, who was worse, I reported him to RVP and I was retaliated on and fired.

They train no one and then wonder why these people can't do their jobs. Are you kidding me? Micro managing! If you train your people, they preform.

Simple as pie!!! Don't train and guess what. I had knee surgery and was on light duty. Gave all paper work to HR person.

He didn't relate to Manager. I was left alone in store as only manager and was on light duty. limited walking. I was made to manage front end and dept manger over front end removed chair to be difficult.

This was after she shoved it almost hitting phone operator in her knee, which she had just had replaced. ASM 4 allowed Lowe's policies to be broken.

and hostile work environment to run wild in front and back end of store.

Reason of review: retaliation .

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Employee abuse.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1219779

I had been coning to work at4 &5 AM. One day i had been drinking a lot of coffee starting at about 3 AM just to get going at that wicked hour.

Suddenly that craving for a cigarette was overwhelming and I got caught outside the building,but inside the fence. Sure enough it had to be the WATCHDOG FOR JUSTICE the LOST PREVENTION COMMANDER. THIS GUY STARTS TALKING ABOUT BLOWING UP THE BUILDING AND CATCHING THE PLACE ON FIRE. WE'RE OUTSIDE, its just finished raining all night.

WTF! I was *** to ge caught and should n2have been classified like a terrorist.


Hi, thanks for your feedback. Do you have any information to contact the CEO of the company?

I've purchased a fridge and has been having problems since we received it.

All the supervisors and managers doesn't want to give out that information to protect their jobs. The warranty I believe is a FRAUD!

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