Austin, Texas

I purchased a Whirlpool refrid from the Lowe's in SW Austin. The deal was to pay for deliver ($89.) but receive a VISA Check Card in that amt.

as a refund. This is after sending in all the paperwork, etc. This purchase was 4/6/09 and after many (7+/-) phone and emails; still no Check Card. I will go to Home Depot in the future even though I like the Lowe's environment's the principle.

Bait and switch or just not very capable of follow thru on the administrative end of promotions. One person couldn't even find me in the system...

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Yes, this is once again "Lowe's" fault. Guess you mailed the rebate forms in on time too.

Or even realized this was handled by an outside firm. Principles are a luxury in this economy.

Good luck finding someone to help you at H.D. - see how far your principles get you...


Home Depot Delivery = Curbside Drop Off.

Do what you will.

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