Deltona, Florida
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In January 2014 I contracted with Lowe's in Orange City FL to replace 3 set of Patio French Doors and an Outside Bathroom door. I was told that all doors were in stock. I received a telephone call informing me that the bathroom door had to be ordered and there was a 30 day delay.

The installation was finally scheduled for Mar 2014.The bathroom door was not the one I ordered and the French Doors did not match. I was not home during the installation but I did file a complaint. The French Doors were corrected but I was informed by Lowes that they decided to change the bathroom door from the one I had ordered at an additional $100 charge.

Lowes was extremely incompetent and devious on this job. The French Doors should have been inspected on staging at the store but negligence or rather incompetence prevailed.

I filed a complaint with Lowe's corporate but nothing materialized and I received nothing but apologies. Shove your meaningless apologies. People are sick of hearing BS apologies.

I'll never do business with Lowe's again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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Deltona, Florida, United States #833120

Lowes is way to busy sucking up to the obama muslim population to give a *** about Americans who actually built this piece of *** company. *** Lowes and run them out of America.

GARBAGE anti-American company. Fall and Burn MF's

Shelby, North Carolina, United States #833102

that's a new one for me. I have to try to be more devious towards my customers.

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