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I recently purchased a home and the previous owner had a contract with Lowes on Good Middling Dr in Fayetteville, NC to replace all the windows prior to closing. On the day of closing the windows still weren't installed due to the windows being on back order for two weeks, so the mortgage company almost canceled my approval due to this.

Well, after the previous owner showed proof of the contract, the mortgage company decided to let me close on the house. This was March 31, 2017. Periodically throughout April, the salesperson at Lowes kept calling me to see if I had heard from the installer, said that the windows were back. I told her no and that she's the only one who had been calling me.

Finally on May 1, 2017 the installer called and asked what day would be good for me. I requested a Saturday since I'd already used a lot of my paid time off to move. He said he had to get up a crew and that he would call me by the following day to let me know if they could do the install the Saturday of that same week. Never heard from him.

I called the salesperson back and told her what happened. She said they were having problems getting a crew for a Saturday because that's not their normal workday (which he could have told me that instead of just not calling back at all). I said ok forget the Saturday, I'm willing to *** any day that's good for them. Oh so then he decided to call and scheduled to do the installation today, May 15, 2017 around 9am.

He just called me at 8:37am just to let me know that once again they're not coming and rescheduled it for tomorrow, said the lead person in his crew called in sick. Luckily I'm off today due to having a stomach virus because if not he would've cost me a vacation day for nothing. And if I don't find anyone to stay here tomorrow he still may cost me a vacation day when it should've been done today while I was home sick ( my original house sitter has a virus also). So we'll see if they finally show up tomorrow but I have a feeling I'll be wasting a vacation day if I'm not still sick.

These people don't seem to care that you lose paid time off when they keep rescheduling like this or that I cannot schedule to get my house secured until they install these windows. They're lucky that the previous owner has the contract and not me because I would've canceled it by now and went straight to Home Depot!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Window Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Update: The contractor showed up on May 16, 2017 to replace the windows and out of 15 windows only 7 of them were the correct size, so 8 had to be reordered and told me it will be a month before they return. On a positive note, they did do a favor for me while they were here and turned my patio blinds around for me because they were originally sliding in the opposite direction that the door slide.

The guys were actually a friendly group of guys. They are schedule to return on June 19 to replace the remaining 8 windows so I will do a final update following that day.


Take a look at Home Depots complaints for installers. Too many people go about having product installed the wrong way.

When you buy from a big box store they sell you the product and subcontract an installer to install the product. You never know who you will end up with. You are better off finding a contractor to install your product and working with them to purchase the product.

That way you know exactly who will be installing your product and will have direct contact with them for installation. You will also pay less because the big box store is not marking up the installation cost they subcontracted out.