Trenton, New Jersey
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I too purchased a Frigidaire range from Lowes. I got an electric range and it cost around 600.00.

The design is very poor. There are vents in the front door with double glass window. Condensation from the oven causes dripping between the glass panes which you cannot clean without disassembling the entire oven door.

Even with the extended "expensive" maintenance contract, they would not cover it stating it was maintenance, yet the manual states to call a professional. Lowes sent someone out to look at it, only to tell me it was not under warranty and then the contractor that came out sent me a bill for $80.

Product or Service Mentioned: Frigidaire Oven.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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If you take time to read the entire service contract you will find that it does not cover "cosmetic" problems. The dirty glass does not affect the operation of the oven therefore they wouldn't cover the service. Always take time to read over the fine print before purchasing a service contract or extended warranty.


Cosmetic issues are covered under the factory warranty for the first 60 days. If you notify them within that time period you are covered regardless of how long it takes to fix the issue.

I also made the mistake of purchasing this brand for my range.

In my case, as I was remodeling my kitchen, I am dumping mine and buying all new appliances from Sears. Regardless of their issues the Kenmore brand seems to be better made and easier to obtain service.