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9/24/2017 Monroe NC store # 0680- Returning a $3.99 toilet fitting that did not work. I actually tried to put on toilet therefore there was some dirt on the end Linda Jenkins front desk refused to process the return.

I had several other items but she would not refund - she finally called the manager on duty and after a lot of heated discussion the manager decided to refund! Ridiculous that it was such a problem.

When an customer is not satisfied with the service the last thing the employee needs to do say in a smirk tone "Have a nice Day"!!!! She had a very caddy attitude during the transaction and actually followed me outside the store still hollering have a nice day.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Customer service at front desk, Front desk return.

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convenient you left out if you had receipt ...

the mgr just refunded you to get the problem over with & you out of the store

"caddy attitude"

is that when people who own cadillacs get an attitude

to Anonymous #1379707

Why be anonymous. You felt the need to make a stupid comment ,but hide your identy!


Would you buy a fitting that wasn't clean? Seems like some A wholes thing they can return products in a less than desirable condition.

Stores end up discarding products like this. Why should they take a loss because you couldn't figure out what you needed before you bought it and couldn't bring it back in new condition?

How do you consider this poor customer service? Being a better customer will always get you better service.

to Anonymous #1379399

Well since I thought it was the correct item and it wasn't her attitude was the problem. I know that they are not going to go broke because they were asked to refund $3.99. I've spent plenty of money there and I can assure you I'm a good customer.

to Anonymous #1382589

What is toilet "dirt" ??

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