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We bought a screen door from Lowe's. We installed it outselves,because the gentleman working in the door area we could not understand and didn't feel comfortable trying to book an installation with him.

Well, the hinges completely broke off within a month of having the door, which in turn made the other pieces of the door break and now we have a half of a front door on the front of our house. We went back to Lowe's and talked to the store manager about it and he said well you can buy a new door or buy replacement parts. I handed him our receipt and said he could not do anything for us, because the store would lose money. SOOOO, we are out $300.00 for a front door.

We have always been faithful to Lowe's but not anymore. This is completely unacceptable!

Monetary Loss: $298.

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Champaign, Illinois, United States #861879

Sounds like the installer(homeowner) didn't have a clue as to how to install the door. There are tens of thousands of Pella storm doors out there that are professionally installed that last a lifetime.

Homeowners should be aware that they should go to a Pella retail store near them and that store would more than helpful to arrange a professional installation of any of the Pella product lines. It may seem outrageous what the retail Pella stores may charge but at least there is a known warranty and a local owner who cares about the product and the service associated with it.

Dallas, Texas, United States #568693

The hinges just broke off??? I'm glad the manager is taking a stand for his company.

Even though most people (sneaky geeky) think that a huge corporation could absorb this measly $300, you are actually taking money from the people in the stores.

I know it's so funny to watch people squirm, but when you make a bogus complaint it effects the management staff's pay. You wouldn't want people taking money from you, would you??


I don't work for Lowes but have sold storm doors for a few years. They are pretty simple to install.

If the hinges broke off it is more than likely that you left out the fact that door was damaged by a gust of heavy wind or that your kids or grandkids were hanging from the door. The hinges don't just break, something out of the ordinary caused this to happen.

If it is the wind, talk to your insurance company. If it's the kids, make them pay for a new door.


here is what you do. Call the store manager again and discuss the situation.

If he doesn't offer to help you to your satisfaction, ask him for HIS bosses' contact info and the Lowes Customer Care 800 #. Then stand back and watch him start falling all over himself to take care of you.


Well....If the door did break within 30 days of purchase then it would fall into the category of the 30 day no questions asked return policy. If it is past 30 days then your course of action would be to have a pella rep come out and look at the door.

Your local Lowes should be able to arrange this or you can contact Pella directly if you are no longer comfortable working with Lowes. The rep should be able to discern if it is a product defect or a poor installation.

If it is a defect then they will replace the door, if it is due to poor installation then you are pretty much out of luck. Hope this helps.

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