What a clown circus working with Lowe's has turned out to be: Order arrived several weeks after it was promised. When finally delivered, it was missing a part, which ate up another two weeks.

A promised "next day" call to schedule am install did not happen for a week. The actual install happened two weeks later, but was not successful. The installer broke a part and massacred part of our house doing the install. One part had to be re-manufactured.

We had to order a replacement for the broken part and another part that was broken because of the broken part. Lowe's promised to do a reinstall the day after the remanufactured part was delivered. No one from Lowe's notified us of the delivery date, so we got a call from the delivery person when we were away from home and had to drop everything and race home to receive it. Then Lowe's promised next-day install could not be accommodated by the installer, who wanted to come instead, a week later.

When we put our foot down, the installer determined that he could come the same day after all. We raced home to prepare for his arrival. However, he called a few hours later, saying "the head gasket in my truck blew," and then, could not be sure if he could make the original date for one week out. We are at our wit's end.

This whole debacle has been playing out for almost six months. We will never darken the door at Lowe's again and wish we could have our $2,300 back.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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