Baltimore, Maryland
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I wanted laminate flooring installed in my kitchen, the kitchen was measured and an estimate was furnished. The estimate was for for 180 sqft

my kitchen is 10'x16' and cabinets occupy 36sqft. It is my estimate that

the required area would be 140sqft which includes spoilage (10%). In 5 days

run around on the phone I was told the measurer was the installer (she

isn't), the labor included my $35 I paid for the measure(it was not), the price for the molding was listed as material and much more lying. I decided to go with a company I can trust. You have lost a customer forever.

I was shuttle around from the laminate manager, to the estimator, the

installer (wh0 hung up on me) to someome named Scott

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Estimate.

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