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I decided to go to Lowes for a garage door install. I thought going to a place like this would be fast quick and easy.

I was promised a 15 day install date. I ordered and signed my contract in mid-October and was told 15 day completion. I as under a deadline to get these door installed because of other current projects. Over 6 weeks went by and hadn't heard a word from Lowes or the contractor doing the install.

I stopped back in the store December 3rd to find out what was going on I learned that my doors were in the warehouse for pickup by the contractor since the November 7th. So the next day after stopping in, the contractor calls me to set up an install date. The contractor wanted to schedule it for December 8th, I could not get off work that day, so I scheduled for December 15th for install. So I arranged to take a day off work only to wait around for hours and nobody showed or called.

By mid-afternoon on December 15th I called and the contractor I had arranged the appointment with and he tells me I was not on the schedule and he didn't know what happened to the paperwork. So once again I rescheduled one week later for the install December 22nd, arranging another day off work. The contractor calls me the day before the scheduled install December 21st and tells me that the garage door company has "lost" my doors and they will not be able to install them. I stop at the store to talk to a manager about some compensation for missed days of work, and the hassle of Lowes not doing what they promised.

I feel that I should be compensated something. The contractor tell me that he will call me back to reschedule for a 3rd time when the garage door company finds my doors. The contractor calls me the next afternoon December 22nd and tells me the doors have been found and wants to reschedule a day for install. I scheduled for the following week on December 29th.

The contractor finally did come out to install the doors but was not very friendly, and did not complete the job as it should have been done and I ended finishing the job myself. So I was told by the store manager that I would be compensated for the mishandling of the project. I was put in touch with the manager that handles the work between Lowes and the garage door company. He called me once to tell me that the door company would compensate me but Lowes could not because it was out of their hands.

So he said the garage door company would contact me to discuss the options and to give them 2-3 weeks for them to review. I waited 3 weeks and not have heard a word from either Lowes or the garage door company.

I called back the area manager and he has not returned any of my calls. My conclusion is that if you cannot walk out the door with your product in hand avoid Lowes because they cannot handle their own problems and are not willing to help keep and get new customer since word of mouth is the best advertising.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Door Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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This is all because the door installer got paid half as much on this Lowe's job that he would have made if you had dealt with him directly. Only an idiot or a *** desperate door installer would agree with Lowe's to do installs for them and make half their normal profit.