Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Lowes no longer accepts military discounts using DD214. We were advised on 3/17/13, that Lowe's has a new policy that a veteran must have a pictured ID (which means 20 yrs of service of retired from the military).

This is a disgrace to all other veterans that haave served this great nation. There are so many veterans who have served this county and have come home injured an unappreciated. This is a slap in the face to all veterans who have not been able to retire with 20 years of service.

They have received a Honorable Discharge and Lowe's elects to disorder these honorable vets who have fought for our country. Join us in shopping at Home Depo where they continue to honor the DD214's!!!

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Lowes is in financial trouble and the managers at corporate are getting their bonus cut, so they have to make up for it by cutting discounts at the stores, but hang on Lowes will soon be bankrupt and we will get a better home Improvement store chain. Read all the complaints about Lowes and all the lawsuits on the internet, when you treat people with the worst disrespect imagineable you will eventually pay for it.


Per Lowes Military Discount Policy which has never changed since they started offering it. The 10% every day discount is offered to active military, active military dependants, retired military, disabled veterans.

Therefore the only acceptable proof of services are: Active/dependant cards(not expired), retired military cards, VA cards. The discount is opened up to all veterans on 4th of July, veterans day, memorial day.

As was previously stated, the 10% discount is a GIFT not a right given by lowes. Lowes is a buisness and has the right to protect its margins by limiting who it CHOOSES to give a discount to.


First I want to thank you for your service. But I do need to remind you what you fought for.

You fought for our freedom to live in a free society. Lowes does not have to give discounts to anyone. That is their freedom which is what you fought for.

Just like it is your freedom to say Lowes sucks. Just remember the reason you fought is the concept that all men are created equal.


MENARDS a competitor of Lowes Doesnt even offer a military discount anymore. They stopped offering it because they figured the military is not special, it's just a career choice.

Teachers/Fireman/Doctors/Surgeons/Police officers don't get a discount why should you?

I work with two guys in the military both of them think people like you are a disgrace. YOU DIDN'T JOIN THE *** MILITARY FOR A 10% DISCOUNT.


You're complaining about $4.00? They've probably had people scamming them for a discount. That's why they changed their policy.