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I bought a GE washer from Lowe's in Jan. 2015.

It lasted 9 months. Lowe's will only take something back within 30 days and directed me to GE. The washer is junk. It can't handle jeans or towels, only small light loads.

The basket breaks loose and flops all over, shearing off plastic all over the clothes. It won't agitate and leaves the clothes soaking wet. Through some research, I found many people complaining that Lowe's censors their reviews and won't let you leave any negative reviews on their website. This explains why the washer had such glowing reviews on their website.

The washer was repaired in October, broke again in November, was repaired again with almost all new parts, and has now broken for a THIRD time. GE won't replace it and is sending out another repairman AFTER Christmas. In the meantime I sit here again without a washer. The one year warranty will be up January 7, 2016, so I guess GE will just keep putting me off and doing *** repairs until the warranty runs out.

If you google GE washers you will find many complaints and negative reviews. I wish I had done that rather than rely on the heavily censored reviews on Lowe's website. One thing is certain, I will NEVER again shop at Lowe's or buy any product from GE.

Both are complicit in selling merchandise they KNOW is substandard. SHAME on them.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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and it's only gonna get worse because haier of china just bought GE's appliance business

Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1081963

Really, now. Blaming Lowe's for a defective product?

The one to blame is GE. You have a year's warranty. Have them fix it. I hope you bought a cheap model with no bells and whistles.

When it breaks after the warranty period, throw it out and buy a new cheap one.

It simply doesn't pay to spend alot of money on appliances. They are all built cheaply and are unreliable, no matter what brand.

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