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It was an overall terrible experience from the financing being through a " HIGH RISK" lender and the credit monitoring people notifying me my credit score dropped 60 points to the installation being the most up professional company I have ever encountered, Blueridge Heating and air. It is 35 days into what was supposed to be a 4 day job.

The first day, They did not call or show up. I should have asked for a different company at that point. WARNING !!! DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING UNTILL IT HAS BEEN INSPECTED.

They hand you a form to sign and say " sign this, this means that you got your generator." They get paid and you will be like me 35 days into a four day project. It has failed inspection one time already. Blueridge Heating and air flat out lied at every turn. I ask for a different installation crew due to the fact they did not know building code, unprofessional work ethic, and they promised to send a new crew, same crew showed up today at 0645 which would have been had they called and let me know since I was told by the owner of the company that they would be here at 0930 .

I have dogs that needed be let out. ALL I CAN SAY IS BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

The inspector just left and has to come back again this afternoon because it still did not pass, or the spin that they placed on this is " well the inspector is coming back this afternoon to make sure we secured the gas line because "It was a suggestion" He will leave a sticker then! LOL

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Generator Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Lowes Cons: Employees lack of knowledge and lethargic approah, Disinterest on the part of lowes employees, Poor or nonexistent customer service clerk beyond disrespectful.

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