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Lowes review in Savannah, Georgia: Door was not as ordered.

I ordered a special order entry door from Lowes. The door when delivered for installation did not meet the specifications. I refused the door and sent it back to Lowes. I was then told that the manufacturer of the door made the change to the specifications as they did not feel it necessary to have more than 6" which only had 4" of fiberglass on the bottom of the door frame, also no trim was included on the door, sidelights or transom. I said as the customer this is not acceptable, I was not notified of any changes. I paid for as ordered 12" of fiberglass on the trim. Customer service at the Lowes store in Savannah, GA was awful. All I got was phone calls stating that the door was ordered and it would meet the specs. I paid full price $3,959.52 and it took 3 months to get the door. I finally gave up and said install the door, but I felt I deserved a discount or credit for all my inconvenience, but was told the store could do nothing until the door was installed. Guess what, now they don't want to talk with me!! Lesson learned...I will never use Lowes again, Home Depot now has my business!!
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Talk abot it @ :)

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Lowes review in Stone Mountain, Georgia: Ex employee

Lowes does have a very dumb return policy. And it is filled with people that really don't care. These people make the employee and the customers time there ***. I wasn't fired from lowes i resigned. But it was the most depressing job i have ever had in my life. As an ex employee I can say that when a customer comes to the return desk of a specific race management does in fact question the return. Lowes is just filled with a bunch of miserable employees that have no choice but to stay there and work for little or nothing. That's why the service at most of them is horrible because its a very depressing job to have.
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To the person with the frigidaire dishwasher that wont drain....Did you install it yourself? If you did,you didnt loop the drainhose and that will cause water to drain back into the appliance.

Why is lowes to blame for the appliance not working. Shouldnt you say " I will never buy another frigidaire?"

snow a

Lowes sucks. I will never shop there again.

And this poster is right on the money. They make the customers life *** when they go in their stores.


I am a senior manager and wanted to ask, has anyone noticed the level of customer service between lowes and home depot? After visiting several eastcoast states, Home Depot is soring over Lowes!!!


I am an employee for a Lowes in Canada.

I have enjoyed working for Lowes and am excited for growth with this company.

You would think that in this economy today that we would look at our glass as full and not empty?

You will only get back what you put in.

It is not easy being on the business side of the counter sometimes,but really its all about the customer and most of the time, they just want to be heard...

Dont you?


Lowes appliances suck I have had my dishwasher a frigidaire for 2 weeks and it already is broen it wont drain all the way out,give me a break here 2 weeks? come on I will never buy another thing from Lowes


I currently work for lowes and agree with ex employee. I am a white male and notice that black person in the store works in a position of labor.


Did you ever think that maybe the people that steal or the people that lie are the blame for retailers return policy issues?


I work for Lowes and I can disagree this is one opion and thye pay well and have their flaws just like any other company spwak for self not others who like their job,,.,,,

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Lowes review in Athens, Georgia: Lowe's sold faulty product, failed to take responsibility.

My wife and I bought a Troybilt riding mower from Lowe's on April the 29th of this year. The first 5 or 6 mowings worked great. Then the belt started slipping off and kept slipping off. After one "repair" and trying to line up another one, I asked for an exchange or upgrade from the store. I was told by two store managers that, even though it had been less than two months, because their policy states 30 days, they wouldn't take it back. One manager even told me they would loose money all around if they did it. But no word on my money lost. Now, I am waiting for another repair and have had it slip a total of 4 times. It started bellowing white smoke out of the engine today and I have no idea what's going on, as the oil is full. To add insult to injury, their "Promotional" credit card deal stated 12 months, no interest, no payments. Then the last two days we've had a total of 5 phone calls demanding money. Apparently, the very find print stated that not everything was covered under this. When I told them this was very misleading, they got rude. This company is rotten and some of their products are known junk. I've found numerous complaints like mine, about Troybilt and Lowe's. I would advice to steer clear of both Lowe's and Troybilt, if you need a similar product. The stress just isn't worth it. D
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Policy on OPE (outdoor power equipment) returns is 30 days. The warranty is through the manufacturer, not the Lowe's store where you made the purchase.

That said, if it has gone out for repair and you are still having problems with it, you should ask to speak with the store manager. Explain (rationally) your problems and frustration. He or she will probably make an exception and allow you to return the item. If nothing else, there is a "lemon" policy where if the item has been sent for repair 3 times and is still not working, the store is supposed to refund it for you.

If none of that works, contact the manufacturer and explain your problem.

Ask them for an RA# (refund authorization) to give to the Lowe's store. This will ensure that Lowe's gets their credit on the defective item and they should have no problem returning it.


Lowes also sells a Extended Protection Plan that provides additional protections where you wouldn't pay for repairs or service for additional years. When you decided not to spend that additional money, you were accepting the manufacturer warranty on the mower.

Lowes does not manufacturer a single product. If you have a problem with the protect, contact the manufacturer.


Wow. People really read the posts in here.

I clearly stated that I went through all the channels. I tried to abide by the warranty. And when the repairs didn't get done, LOWE'S, not me, pointed me toward the store I made the purchase.

I've worked retail before. It amazes me how arrogant people are when they have never had a raw deal. They make sweeping statements about how its all the consumer's fault and heaven forbid the store ever make any mistakes.

I'm glad you've had great experiences with Lowe's. Up until the situation so have I. I hope you don't have to deal with the frustration of all this nonsense.

The bottom line is, I bought a product that started breaking down repeatedly, less than two months into the purchase. The repairs weren't working and the Store manager told me they would loose to much money to make a return.

I find it difficult to believe that an honest guy trying to play by the rules is ALL to blame here and Lowe's is saintly.I still can't quite see in my post above where I've yelled at lowly employees. In fact, I haven't yelled at anyone. Its sad that no one seems to remember a time when businesses treated their customers with value and not a number.

Find another website to troll.


While you are complaining to the store employee think to yourself has that person been YELLED at all day by idiots that have no clue .....Think what could be worse things like maybe not having a life or a job or maybe they make little and support their family on this job and all they do is listen to complaing Jerks who dont care if you have feelings or not GROW UP people move on shop at other stores and shut up!Single mother of # supporting her children on Lowes great employment Ty Lowes


You cant blame the store they are doing policy and I have had wonderful returns done by Lowes it is just who really listens to retailers and who is the first for you to blame surely not YOURSELF


Whoops, that's supposed to be "absolve yourself".


Ever hear of the lemon law?

If you are a retailer and you sell a bad product, should you resolve yourself by putting up a short return time? That's what most of them do. I find it strange that most in Lowe's agree with me, that it should be returned. But at the moment, its entirely up the store manager.

I'm not the kind of guy that tries to rip people off and I certainly am well aware of how a warranty works, as I purchased one. But when I continuously have the same problem, that isn't getting better with repairs, then something is wrong.

Businesses like to lean back on their legal documents that state terms, but what is left out is the human factor and a strong commitment to responsibility. I've gone above and beyond to get things done the "Lowe's Way". While they have done nothing.


Have you ever purchased a new vehicle? If something goes wrong you have it fixed, you can't return it.

The warranty or power equipment works the same way. The manufacturer will have it fixed at a service center. THEY WON'T TAKE IT BACK.

The warranty is provided by the manufacturer, not the store you buy it at. If you don't like the warranty don't blame the retailer.


Copy That! :zzz

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Lowes Manager

Lowes review in Athens, Georgia: Bad attitude/Customer Service Store #0736

I don't even know where to start! This store is a joke! The customer service desk is a nightmare. All the "favorites" are behind the desk and they just sit back and all hang out and talk. They watch the rest of the cashiers work their butts off. A few of the girls have bad attitudes and are super rude to customers. I will never go back to that store! They really need to fire all of them and just start over with people who appreciate a job! They also need to hire more cashiers, the lines are always long.
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Lowes review in Atlanta, Georgia: Warrenty service not so hot

i have extended warrenty for duet washer and the people they send to service it is not knowledgeable in the front load washers. i have water that is in the tub of the washer when it is not in use. my husband called them and they told him it was normal. i just called the service again and they will hopefully send someone who knows what they are doing. also it took them a week the last time to come back to my home to undo a mistake they made and i couldnot use my washer until they returned do you think they cared no. also they wait until close to 5 to show up to do they repair then they run through it to get done
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Lowes Warranty

Lowes review in Atlanta, Georgia: Unable to use military indentification

I just returned home from Lowe's on Perkins in Memphis. My husband and I have made many purchases at Lowe's during the years. we usually pay with our debit card.Today i paid with a check. i was very surprised that i could not use my military ID for identification. This card has everything my drivers license does plus a picture. My husband served 41 years in service helping keeping our country safe. i plan to share this with all our military friends, also all the military groups that my husband is part of. I feel sure that Lowe's doesn't care. I do and will think seriously about shopping with you again. Carolyn Moffatt
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Thankyou for your service, first. Second, they should have offered you the 10% Lowes discount at the register for a)active duty b)disabled veteran military ID to get the discount. Military ID is NOT something to be easily copied or falsified, but Im not getting into all that, however should be better than a drivers license, it is every where I travel, including hotels etc.

Good Luck with all that, I dont really like Lowes for too much of anything compared to Home Depot, SemperFi


Oh boo hoo. You have to carry a valid driver's license just like everyone else.

Cry me a freaking river. You aren't even the retired veteran, you're husband is. I've managed retail stores, and I've worked for Casinos and we didn't take Military ID either. And what does it even matter?

What does them not taking your ID you once used to get onto base with have to do with you buying *** from Lowes? Or is it one of those "it's the principal of the thing" nonsense? Does your military ID have your DRIVERS LICENSE number on it? Because after all thats how they track checks.

They write the drivers license number on there for a reason you know. :roll


Military I.D. is not a valid form of identification anywhere for the validation of a check.

I respect the service your husband has given, as my brother and my wife are both veterans.

By the way, so does Lowe's, as they are the only retailer to offer a military discount - with "military" I.D. , of course.





Carolyn M

Military Indentification

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Lowes review in Stone Mountain, Georgia: Lowe's Kitchen Cabinets

In November I took in two sets of Cad originated drawings for kitchen cabinets to acquire an estimate. The 'design specialists' showed us the door design and colors available. The design 'specialist' stated a specific manufacturer would be the cabinet supplier We then finalized the selections and and asked them to come to our home and measure the installation so as there would be no error. The design 'specialist'and install manager came out and measured. The installation was to be finalized prior to 12/31/2008. As of this writing 2/5/2009 the installation is not complete. The design 'specialist' and measuring totally "screwed up" and this has required our total costs to increase. NEVER AGAIN!
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#52499 any other Lowe's Specialists smell something funny here? Sounds like we are dealing with a "Complaint Specialist" who has been caught in his own story, as we Lowe's associates know that it is the INSTALLER who goes out for the site check and measure, NOT the Specialist! Me thinks there's a lot more to this story that the "Complaint Specialist" is leaving out!


had installer come for a measurment to install vinyl flooring. 24x9!

Installer wants 897.00 total for labor.

521.00 for underlayment/ 324.00 to spread the glue even though it is no glue vinyl! 67.00 to restretch carpet and wow im geting f__ked


I agree, this story sounds a little odd. I am currently an Install Sales Manager for lowes and my specialist nore I NEVER go out to do a measurement. SOS cabinets take 4-6 weeks to arrive so there is no way possible it would have been installed that quickly.


Your Story sounds a little inconsistent , you said you provided the drawings? So it was based on your own measurements? did you pay for a measure.?

Why would the Specialist and Install Manager measure. If the Installer is the one that measures before your purchase? By the way special Order Cabinets do take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.or Did you buy stock cabinets?

If you did then you where responsible for your own measurements,Lowe's does not Install stock cabinets. Home Depot is the only Company that sends the Designer for the first measure to the Home For a refundable fee Lowe's sends an Installer.

I have worked at both Companies andAll designs are checked before the sale is finalized.

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Lowes Installation

Lowes review in Atlanta, Georgia: Christian Employee Fired for Wearing Religious Pin

I shop at Lowes on a regular basis, but Home Depot is directly across the street. I am out raged that the Lowe's location in Tennessee, fired its employee for wearing a religious pin, which I saw on the news tonight. She has the right to wear the pin and show her love for Christ, just as the customer who complained has the right to feel the way she/he does. I will take my business to another store and hope that others will as well. I will tell everyone I know what happened to this woman. Pissed in Prattville, AL.
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And you would complain if they allowed people to wear pins promoting non Christian religions. To be fair they don't allow any pins.

If she didn't like the rules she shouldn't have taken the job.

It's too bad you are one of those intolerant it's my way or the highway type of people. People like you is why there are so many problems in the world today.


This is idiotic. If your assertion is that Lowe's is unchristian, I'll remind you that they are closed only two days of the year, and one of them is Christmas.

If your point is that you, as a Christian, have an obligation to punish Lowe's for behavior you disagree with, I'll wait for you to provide me with examples of Christ as avenger. It seems to me the only time he attacked anyone, it was moneychangers IN THE TEMPLE.

Finally, the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself has to reside somewhere in your head. Which aspect of love are you demonstrating here? Feel free to look up 1 Corinthians 13:4, which gives you a specific list of the aspects of love.

Now, stop being idiots. Go and sin no more.


Ladies and Gentlemen, first of all I'd like to say that I am a christian and also an employee of Lowe's. Before anyone starts saying I'll cut up my card and I'll never shop Lowe's again.

Think about the Christians that do still work there for the simple fact that there is no where else to work. You're taking food off of their tables. Wives, husbands and children going hungry because you decided you were going to stop shopping at their parents store because of the ignorance of one store manager. If you do that then you're no better than that manager.

Now second of all the lady wasn't fired. She was simply asked to remove the pin and refused to do so, so she quit and then said she was fired. Anyway, I hope that you will all think of the people who do work there that still go to church and praise and worship the lord. Continue to help us serve you and make our living.

Just do as I do, pray for the bad apples, but never judge the whole book by it's cover.

If any of you come through my line you will hear me say god bless as you walk out the door. And I say now, God bless you all.


I would'nt worry about that - they fired me for worshipping Satan.....


If you people get this worked up about a religious pin, then your life is pretty pathetic. "I'm not going to shop at Lowe's because they made him or her *** the pin" give me a *** break. Stop buying into religious propaganda!


I work at lowes she should not have been wearing the pin in the first place it is against the rules. You are not suppose to wear anything that could offend another person.

@H Ormand

What if wearing clothes offends people? Will they make them take them off to?


I will never shop at Lowe's again either. I cut my card in half and sent it back taped to a note (in red) that said "it's called Christmas for Christ's sake. Keep your card!"

@D Williams

And they will return your card, postage-due, with another note that says "we aren't open on christmas you bible thumper".


The lady actually quit and fabricated the story. Second, its lowes written policy that you can only have lowes affiliated pins on your vest.


Don't be so quick to say "I'll start going to Home Depot". I recently e-mailed them about the fact that "Happy Holidays" is supposed to cover all the winter holidays.

Yet once Christmas is over they say "Happy New Year". Their response was that they didn't want to offewnd non Christians and non-believers.

Yet they will make big bucks off Christians and those who do believe. Apparently they are not worried about offending us.


Was going to build new garage this spring, used Lowe's when setting my new modular home 3 years ago. Will NEVER shop Lowe's again.

There seems to be a lot of Christian people working there, VERY nice and helpful but I'm sorry for them.

Just like someone said, they sell alot of, Christ based, "CHRISTMAS" items and don't mind taking money for them. Well, won't be getting anymore money from me.




Do you beat your slaves and keep a tight leash on your wife too? Because the bible says to do those things as well.


Another event poorly handled by upper management. Lowe's will soon be seeking a government bailout, too.

You can't do anything as an employee to support a religion, but the store can sell "Nativity" scenes & Christmas decorations, lol. Just as Jesus predicted 2,000 years ago.


I agree with all of these comments on Ms. Sutton being fired over expression concerning Christ.

I live in Troy, Alabama and we only have a Lowes and another local hardware store.

The local will get my business from now on unless I am in Mongomery or Dothan and go the Home Depot. This is totally getting out of hand in our country where agnostics and athiest have rights but Christians to not


''The civil rights of none shall be abridged on account of religious belief or worship, nor shall any national religion be established, nor shall the full and equal rights of conscience be in any manner, or on any pretence, infringed.'

I WOULD SUE!!!! I'm cutting up my Lowes card.


I will never shop at Lowe's again after seeing on the news that a woman was fired for wearing a religious pin.

@L Smith

You won't be missed.

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Lowes review in Glennville, Georgia: Too pissed of customers

i worked for this co.for 15 years.i like to read some of these dumb complaints you *** send in,because you have no idea want you are just want something for nothing when you start you ***.i have seem it time and time again.they are always bad apples in a barrel and thats true for lowes and its work force,just as with any other company.BUT OVERALL LOWES does try and help and take care of its customers.YOU FEW THAT WANT TO *** AND GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING IN LIFE CAN GO TO ***.you need to get a life.LOWES IS WITHOUT A DOUBT A GREAT COMPANY AND TREAT ITS EMPLOYEES VERY GOOD.most anyone can have a great future with lowes. the only problem they have is dealing with you *** wanting to get something for nothing. GET A LIFE PEOPLE,YOU THAT NEEDS TOO.
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I totally agree with you they expect a "Just Beacause I'm Alive" Discount.


I bought one Samsung refrigerator and Lowes ended up taking the price of three refrigerators onto my credit card and the original refrigerator ended up with an manufactor defect the store manager blamed me for the whole mess and embarrased me at the store Lowes does not have customer service

I am still waiting for the original refrigerator to be replaced by Lowes


If I owned a company YOU are the LAST person I'd want working in my store...BTW don't they drug test you guys???? Here's a lesson in the workings of the United States Constitution.

Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship or limitation! If you don't like it, move to another country.


If you are the usual Lowes employee I can easily understand why the have so many pissed off ex customers...


Go back to school and at least get a 6th grade education.

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Lowes review in Cartersville, Georgia: Credit no credit==give me a brake

this is my story ==a year or so i aplied for a creditcard and was approved. i had a 500.00 line ofcredit. i had charged about 300. paid it off on balance was 0. i decided to get some storm windows for my house for the winter.i spent 10.00 in gas, go in find my windowsjust a 187. i go to the check, guess whatmy good credit line now has dropped to notice no nothing . yes i destroyed my card right then.lowes sucks they don't need me and i don't need them ===
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Lowes doesn't sell Brake's.


I worked for Lowe's for 3 years. No raise, no promotions, only head aches.

The managers they promote are fresh out of high school with no training or work experience and it shows. They hire co-workers to fill in the slots for 5 cent more than the steak and shake up the road, again high schoolers and leave you with these people to try and run/close a department. If you complain, you get written up, then eventually, they will find something to axe you with. I have seen it to many times.

No, corperate doesn't care, they have made their money and now its gonna be just like all the other big box store back in the day, just pull in all the money they can for the next 10 years, screw the workers and then sell-out to Wal-mart. The goings on with this company today would kill the original founders 10 times over if they only new. Companies like this one are the reasons why our econonmy is so sluggish, corperate greed and pennies for the workers.

Everyone at corperate turns their head and doesn't want to admit to the stuff going on with this company, hey, why would they...I mean, who would raise a stink about something when they were making $200,000 a year answering phones? Another big box store rip off of a company.

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