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Lowes in Athens, Georgia - Dishwasher ordered on internet not at store

Yesterday, 6 July 2012 We ordered from Lowes' on the internet a dishwasher that was marked in stock at our local store (Buford Drive, Gwinnett County, Georgia) and paid in full .by credit card We received an email confirmation within one hour that confirmed the sale and stated that our unit was ready for pick up. We drove to the store later that day and was informed that they did not have the dishwasher we had purchased available. The staff were inexperienced and unapologetic. We wasted a lot of time driving in traffic. Eventually found one at another store 15 miles away. Had to go through the process of cancelling one order and submitting another. Will not work with Lowes again.
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Who buys a dishwasher online? If you're going to pick it up anyway, why not just wait until you get there.


if I were, you would have called the store ahead of time. because it's not like an online order is done in a minute.

and the employees were inexperienced and unapologetic for not having something in stock?

what's your idea of them being experienced and apologetic? kissing your shoes and saying sorry over and over again while another employee drives to another store to get the dishwasher for you?


If you are going to get a product at a store in your area why wouldn't you pick up the phone and call the store to buy it? The computer isn't going to physically pull your order--a human will have to do it.

I can't believe any store has someone sitting there watching a computer screen just waiting to jump on your order. The employees at the store a busy helping the customers that actually take the time to come in to the store.

They may not see your oder the minute you hit the enter button. Next time you are buying at a local store pick up the phone and call them--better yet go to the store and be sure you are getting the product you want and it is in stock.


Internet orders must be 'processed' and ready within 20 minutes. Otherwise is it a 'ding' against the store.

Sometimes it takes longer than 20 mintues to confirm we have a product. The computers are not always accurate with stock count.

The email you receive is an auto reply once the order is tendered. You should have been called once it was deteremined the product was not in stock and offered a refund.

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Lowes Extended Warranty Service

Please, please, please. Whatever you do DO NOT PURCHASE an extended warranty from Lowes. They will lie, put you off. Let me start from the beginning... My Fridge stopped cooling efficiently. I called the Lowes Extended warranty dept. I was informed that it would take 5 days to have someone come out. I asked what happened if my fridge stopped working completely during that time. I was told to call back. It stopped working 30 mins after I spoke with them. They found someone to come out that Monday, This was on a Friday. This I could handle...The company came out as scheduled. I was told then that they would go back, order the parts and to call them back in 7 to 10 days to schedule coming back out to install said parts and that's the last I heard. I waited the 7 days, called them to be told that Lowes (who initially made the the appt) would no longer allow them to work on my fridge. NO ONE CALLED TO INFORM ME OF THIS! So here I sit for 7 days thinking ok, it will be fixed soon. NOT SO!!! When I called Lowes to find out why, no one could tell me. Although it was marked in my file. I've lost a lot of food... a lot of patience and a lot of trust in mankind. So, then I was told that with the length of time it had been, they would just reimburse me for the cost of the fridge. Well, then, they had all of my information INCORRECT! They said I purchased the fridge for a different amount than what I had. I then faxed in the receipt which I was told was received and they would correct the information. I was also told I was receive a "loaner" until a check could be sent to me. THIS IS A LIE!! IF they tell you that they will give you a loaner DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!! They do not do this. They want you to go rent a fridge and then they will reimburse you 25% of what you purchased the appliance for to begin with... Oh and they also tell you that they reimburse food costs... what they fail to tell you is that you only get $150 replacement cost... I dont know about anyone else, but I #1 cant afford to rent a fridge and then wait for reimbursment, NOR do I only spend $150 on groceries for a family of 7. Now here I am a month later with NO fridge and still lies are being told left and right and alas, no results... you can't get in touch with anyone at corporate who has ANY clue what so ever as to what goes on in their stores or thier service depts... So I just caution anyone who is looking to purchase an appliance from Lowes..DONT!!! It's not worth it...
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I am currently dealing with Lowes and Samsung. My washer has a very small, yet important piece broken and I cannot use it.

So, I'm on business day 5 of waiting to hear how they are going to honor this warranty that I purchased. They are telling me Samsung has no one in my metro area that can fix it. In the meantime, this isn't like my dishwasher where I can wash the dirty things in the sink.

No, I have to triage my laundry to see what is most important to the functioning of my family.

I have the word "fraud" floating around in my head. There is also "class action lawsuit" and "lawyer."


Depending on where you are from, what Lowe's you go to, definitely makes a difference.

I work at Lowe's and we do everything we possibly can for people, especially with warranties.

They're our first priorities and we have multiple people who stop and make sure the customer

gets what they need, are taken care of, and are on their way.

If we have a delay in days, we typically

give a replacement and order your new one (same model as the broken one) and get that installed as soon as possible.

Telling people that Lowe's isn't helping you is wrong, it's not all Lowe's. Here at the one I work at, we've never had someone complain about us or our work. Our people at our store try their hardest to make our customers happy. Don't bash ALL Lowe's.

Switch Lowe's if that's your problem or go to Home Depot.

Thanks. Fellow Lowe's Employee and Proud of it.


You just proved her right with your post.


The same thing is happening to me. the problem is, I am disabled, have no money to replace my food, had 6 bottles of insulin in it(over a 1000.00), which I can not replace.

They really don't care.

I don't trust the refrigerator, so who wants to fill it? they said, sorry for the problems you are having, it is out of our control.


I purchased a extended warranty from Lowes and they suck they would not cover the door self that broke they told me that it wasn't covered, but when I purchased the refrigerator they told me everything was covered. Also u have to keep your reciept but they give you no paperwork on the warranty. Don't buy it not worth it go to sears


I will NEVER buy another lawn tractor from Lowes or Extended Warranty. They are rigging it to "fix it," it's been out for 2 weeks; I was told they mowed after 2 weeks when I bought it, now more paperwork and they only give me $50 to get 3 acres mowed.

This is a horrible waste of money and a big joke!


Jeff, not all of them are my children, I also take care of some who are not able to take care of themselves. Please don\'t judge unless you know the entire story.

And if you truly DO work for Lowe\'s your attitude is another reason I\'m making sure other\'s know how you all treat your customers! I hope you have a great day!


P.C. I'm so sorry you've gone through this also.

It's a shame that customers mean so little now a days... I've sent in the request for my food loss, I sent it certified mail, almost a week ago now and I still havent heard anything back from them. I'm not real sure where to go from here, but I know Lowe's won't talk to me about it because of it being a Lowes Extended Service Problem, no one with Lowe's Extended Service will speak to me about it either. I really think I need to go even more public with it to let ppl know how little the customer means to anyone anymore....

I hope you get a better turn out than we did.

I wish you all the luck! From now on, I can say I'll only shop at the mom and pop stores, it may be a little pricier, but will at least get customer service...


We just went through a similar problem with Loew's and their extended warrenty on my mother's refrigerator...although not as extreme as your experience. We're not sure what we're going to do, but we intend to contact someone...somewhere about the length of time it took to repair the appliance and the cost of the food lost. It is utterly ridiculous to purchase an extended warrenty that means so little.


I actually would buy extended warranties only from Lowe's! I had a fridge that had a power surge, and they sent someone out the next day.

Within 2 days I had a new fridge in my house, and withing a week I had $250 to replace my food.

If you only purchased a 2 yr warranty you will only receive $150. Sorry about your luck, but I am a firm believer in Lowe's extended warrenties!


MJ, thank you for the advice... I have contacted several ppl...

Yes I have spoken to the store manager, I have also spoken to several ppl at the 1-800-44LOWES #. FINALLY yesterday, funny enough, after posting this, I received a loaner, and another repair company is supposed to come out today between 8 and 12. We shall see.. As far as an outside source handling all of thier extended warranties, I understand that part, but someone with Lowe's themselves should be able to handle the situation instead of letting someone else trash thier good name with horrible service...

AKA the outside source..

Everyone I have spoken with that is with Lowes directly has said there is nothing they can do. Again, thank you for the advice.


Lowe's uses an outside service to handle their warranties. They are changing over to handling these in house because of the complaints about the outside service.

Have you called the store manager? They can get it resolved quickly. If not, call 800-44LOWES.

They will send an email to the store and district managers. I'm sure they would help you if they were aware.

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Lowes Replacement

Lowes in Athens, Georgia - Christmas Tree Bull ***

I am a family man and like to get a Christmas tree with the family. I am used to going and buying a tree and having the store representative help me throw the tree on the car and help me strap it down. I tip the man/woman well and we drive off. I went to lowes today and *** near busted my tail lights out because they wouldn't help me due to a store policy. What their sales management does not realize is that I had over $300.00 of additional items in my cart that were sent back because I was soooooo pissed. I will never shop at lowes again period and will continue to spread the word of how lousy this experience was. This is a customer service and sales initiative issue that needs to be resolved or they will lose a tremendous amount of business.
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poly from corp is not to tie down and or put product on customers car 1 damage thatr was done on car before lowes , customer can say they did it when damage was done before some people lok to get money for damage already done all are sue happy thats why :cry


Lazy ***!


They can help you put it on the roof and HELP you tie it, but they cannot tie it themselves. You have to make the actual knots.

Shouldn't come as a huge surprise.

This is a sue-happy society. You say they'd lose a lot of business, but $300 or even the amount you'd spend at the store in a year is honestly nothing compared to a lawsuit.


MOST stores no longer assist customers in strapping or tying things to their cars for insurance purposes. That way if the item falls off your car you're responsible and not the store.

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Lowes Sales Representative

Dont ever get behind on your Lowes Project Card!

Do not EVER get a project card and lord help you if you lose your job and get behind. They will call you EVERY DAY including 8:30 on Saturdays and on SUNDAYS! They called about every day last week! Even if you have set up a payment plan with them; it does not matter. TIRED of the harassing phone calls! There ought to be a law about them calling me so much? Their statements are not up to date and you cannot even determine what your correct payment is. It does not help to complain to them about the starements either.
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I am all for that *** list. I plan to join, then go to Lowe's, charge up a bunch of stuff then never pay. Then throw in some large crocadile tears..

ps ..I am at home waiting for my creditors to call...Oh wait I don't owe enought for them to waste their time,,,see ya all at Lowe's


Don't buy stuff you can't afford, and there would be no problem.


Calling someone who lost their job and got behind is just RUDE. I agree with the complaint but the fact is that GE Money is the culprit.

Lowe's made a bad choice in getting in bed with these folks... it's really hurting their reputation.

GE Money charges loanshark rates even if you pay on time. It *** me off that we bail out the banks and they turn around and stick it up our butts.


Can we have a seperate list for *** with bad credit who don't pay THEIR OWN BILLS and then complain when they get asked to PAY THE DEBT THEY OWE??

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Lowes in Athens, Georgia - Lowe's sold faulty product, failed to take responsibility.

My wife and I bought a Troybilt riding mower from Lowe's on April the 29th of this year. The first 5 or 6 mowings worked great. Then the belt started slipping off and kept slipping off. After one "repair" and trying to line up another one, I asked for an exchange or upgrade from the store. I was told by two store managers that, even though it had been less than two months, because their policy states 30 days, they wouldn't take it back. One manager even told me they would loose money all around if they did it. But no word on my money lost. Now, I am waiting for another repair and have had it slip a total of 4 times. It started bellowing white smoke out of the engine today and I have no idea what's going on, as the oil is full. To add insult to injury, their "Promotional" credit card deal stated 12 months, no interest, no payments. Then the last two days we've had a total of 5 phone calls demanding money. Apparently, the very find print stated that not everything was covered under this. When I told them this was very misleading, they got rude. This company is rotten and some of their products are known junk. I've found numerous complaints like mine, about Troybilt and Lowe's. I would advice to steer clear of both Lowe's and Troybilt, if you need a similar product. The stress just isn't worth it. D
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Policy on OPE (outdoor power equipment) returns is 30 days. The warranty is through the manufacturer, not the Lowe's store where you made the purchase.

That said, if it has gone out for repair and you are still having problems with it, you should ask to speak with the store manager. Explain (rationally) your problems and frustration. He or she will probably make an exception and allow you to return the item. If nothing else, there is a "lemon" policy where if the item has been sent for repair 3 times and is still not working, the store is supposed to refund it for you.

If none of that works, contact the manufacturer and explain your problem.

Ask them for an RA# (refund authorization) to give to the Lowe's store. This will ensure that Lowe's gets their credit on the defective item and they should have no problem returning it.


Lowes also sells a Extended Protection Plan that provides additional protections where you wouldn't pay for repairs or service for additional years. When you decided not to spend that additional money, you were accepting the manufacturer warranty on the mower.

Lowes does not manufacturer a single product. If you have a problem with the protect, contact the manufacturer.


Wow. People really read the posts in here.

I clearly stated that I went through all the channels. I tried to abide by the warranty. And when the repairs didn't get done, LOWE'S, not me, pointed me toward the store I made the purchase.

I've worked retail before. It amazes me how arrogant people are when they have never had a raw deal. They make sweeping statements about how its all the consumer's fault and heaven forbid the store ever make any mistakes.

I'm glad you've had great experiences with Lowe's. Up until the situation so have I. I hope you don't have to deal with the frustration of all this nonsense.

The bottom line is, I bought a product that started breaking down repeatedly, less than two months into the purchase. The repairs weren't working and the Store manager told me they would loose to much money to make a return.

I find it difficult to believe that an honest guy trying to play by the rules is ALL to blame here and Lowe's is saintly.I still can't quite see in my post above where I've yelled at lowly employees. In fact, I haven't yelled at anyone. Its sad that no one seems to remember a time when businesses treated their customers with value and not a number.

Find another website to troll.


While you are complaining to the store employee think to yourself has that person been YELLED at all day by idiots that have no clue .....Think what could be worse things like maybe not having a life or a job or maybe they make little and support their family on this job and all they do is listen to complaing Jerks who dont care if you have feelings or not GROW UP people move on shop at other stores and shut up!Single mother of # supporting her children on Lowes great employment Ty Lowes


You cant blame the store they are doing policy and I have had wonderful returns done by Lowes it is just who really listens to retailers and who is the first for you to blame surely not YOURSELF


Whoops, that's supposed to be "absolve yourself".


Ever hear of the lemon law?

If you are a retailer and you sell a bad product, should you resolve yourself by putting up a short return time? That's what most of them do. I find it strange that most in Lowe's agree with me, that it should be returned. But at the moment, its entirely up the store manager.

I'm not the kind of guy that tries to rip people off and I certainly am well aware of how a warranty works, as I purchased one. But when I continuously have the same problem, that isn't getting better with repairs, then something is wrong.

Businesses like to lean back on their legal documents that state terms, but what is left out is the human factor and a strong commitment to responsibility. I've gone above and beyond to get things done the "Lowe's Way". While they have done nothing.


Have you ever purchased a new vehicle? If something goes wrong you have it fixed, you can't return it.

The warranty or power equipment works the same way. The manufacturer will have it fixed at a service center. THEY WON'T TAKE IT BACK.

The warranty is provided by the manufacturer, not the store you buy it at. If you don't like the warranty don't blame the retailer.


Copy That! :zzz

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Lowes Manager

Lowes in Athens, Georgia - Bad attitude/Customer Service Store #0736

I don't even know where to start! This store is a joke! The customer service desk is a nightmare. All the "favorites" are behind the desk and they just sit back and all hang out and talk. They watch the rest of the cashiers work their butts off. A few of the girls have bad attitudes and are super rude to customers. I will never go back to that store! They really need to fire all of them and just start over with people who appreciate a job! They also need to hire more cashiers, the lines are always long.
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