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Lowes in Atlanta, Georgia - Deck Nightmare!!!!!!

Lowes - Deck Nightmare!!!!!!
Lowes - Deck Nightmare!!!!!!
Lowes - Deck Nightmare!!!!!!
Lowes - Deck Nightmare!!!!!!
It took us 3 years to make a final decision on getting someone to do our deck. We signed a contract on May 3, 2014 with Lowes to get our deck done. We had very clear instructions on what we wanted; it is July 28, 2014 and we have yet to receive that deck. Lowes subcontracted their companies to do the work which is fine. However, if the service is going to be mediocre that is a problem. The first contractors went over everything with us and when it was time to get started, they were running behind and when they arrived, there was no project manager only the workers that only spoke Spanish. They were asking my husband what were they supposed to be doing?? Really, aren't they supposed to know? Also, they came to our home with someone else's plans not ours. My husband sent them away and we requested them to get another company that could handle the job. It took them weeks to resolve that issue, now we have the second company, they have torn down the deck, we had a dumpster in our driveway for a week, it was full so they took it away. But, they had more stuff to go in the dumpster and it is sitting in my driveway for the 2nd week now. It is a mess and no one has answers, they will not call us, we contact them. We have been getting the run around since we signed this contract. They come to work when they decide to we have had to tell the same people over and over again how we want our deck and I am so over it! I am so unhappy about how this has been handled! This deck is over $8000!!! When we try to get someone on the phone we get transferred and we have people telling us that it is not their responsibility. I will never deal with this company again!
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Only fools have Home Depot or Lowes build it for them. Hire your own contractor that way you know exactly what your getting and can hold that contractor accountable.

Going to a big box store and expecting stuff to get done is ignorant, corporate makes it impossible for employees to get stuff done at the store level. They also hire inexperienced people so they have lower expectations and can pay them less.

They do not hire carpenters, plumbers or electricians. It's all random people off the street with limited building experience.


Only a fool assumes that I only spoke with one contractor. I have spoken to many people and Lowes did not request half of the money upfront.

Now that is foolish to give a stranger half upfront. I can still hold Lowes accountable how foolish are you to think that I can't! I don't know why people think that others are cheaper! That is so not true.

I put this out to vent, I don't need your advice! I got this! I will definitely handle it at the end.

Big companies like Lowes has a lot to lose, do you work for them because you seem to think you know much about how they work. Are you one of the idiots that is handling the project??


This is why you hire your own contractor. When you go to Lowes or Home Depot you never know who will be working on your project.

Take the time to interview and investigate your own contractor. You will also save money.

Lowes marks up whatever the contractor is charging them. Put that money in your pocket and have control over the project at the same time.

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