Purchased a Washer/Dryer with a promised rebate. | Lowes review from Augusta, Georgia

I purchased a washer and dryer in November during a rebate promotion. I submitted the documents the very next day. Lowe's can plainly see in their own system that my purchase met all the requirements for the promotion, which was a $100 Lowe's gift card, which I was planning to use for my holiday shopping. My rebate was denied, even though I met all the requirements and provided every last minutia of detail on everything I submitted them. Every time I contact them by phone (per their denial letter), I am sent through a looping robot call. I give up. Emails render no response. Calls are non-human and never result in anything. Everything is always "closed." Do not get suckered by Lowe's mail in rebates. If it isn't at the register, then it isn't going to happen. It's a lie, and I have no idea how this company doesn't get pounded by government regulations. It's wrong and my business will no longer ever be taken inside a single Lowe's store again. If they are willing to lose thousands of future dollars over a $100 gift card they promised me, then so be it. This company has lost its way.
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On 11/14/2018 we purchased a Samsung washer/dryer based upon a sign offering a $75 lowes store Gift card AND $200 rebate provided we bought the 4-piece bundle (washer/dryer/2 pedestals). Promo sign was very clear in its come-on and we paid for the "bundle".

The next day we submitted the rebate receipt. January 1, 2019 we still have nothing. A phone call to the rebate department yesterday confirmed their receipt of the rebate request and stated that a $75 gift card was approved and being processed. "Victor" stated that we did not qualify for the $200 rebate.

His English was so poor i really could not understand him. He said the advertisement of the rebates on the sign was meaningless.

Where I come this called "fraud in the inducement" and is illegal. I will follow up with a Consumer Protection agency.


Agreed. It’s false advertisement and Lowe’s SHOULD be held accountable. They are a very dirty company with a happy little store front.

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Lowes Rebate
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  • Selection of washer and dryer combos
  • Lying about a promotion
  • Shady business practices
  • Awful customer service after the sale
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  • Lowes Bad SERVICE
  • Lowes Rebate
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  • Lowes Lies
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Water heater installetion! | Lowes review from Augusta, Georgia

We was purchased water heater with installation. Customer service in store was very well. Person who helping for purchasing was very well. Installer absolutely difference story. He was delivered water heater and delay for 30 min. After observation utility space he was told me that he not able to installed water heater, because of different with diameter in exhausting pvc pipe does not match and we have to found different water heater with exhausting pvc pipe with diameter 2 inch and recommended founded different dealer or installer. I was found local plumber who provided equipment and installation with out any problem. He was very surprised on explanation first plumber and told me that any water heater with exhausting fan came with adapter for different diameter pvc pipes, but it was cost me little more. So be very careful what you wish for from Lawe's installer!
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Lowes Installation
Reason of review

Lowes installers stole wedding band and food from pantry

Purchased carpets and laminates from Augusta GA store and the installers stole my husband's wedding band, ate two boxes of oreos out of my pantry (and left the empty containers in the pantry), opened a new box of popcorn and took 2 bags, left off the closet doors they removed to install the carpets, and did not haul off the old flooring. We contacted Lowes and the installer miraculously found the ring at the bottom of a dumpster. However, the ring was in a room flooring was not even being installed in, so it would have never ended up in a dumpster. The lead installer returned the ring and when shown where the ring was, stated "I've obviously been lied too and I apologize". Spoke to him about the closet doors and had to call 3 times to have those reinstalled. He then began to argue with my husband that his installers would never do that. I guess they just jumped off the hinges themselves then. Have been trying to get install fees refunded, but Lowes says the best they can do is a lousy $300. I paid almost $6,000 in flooring and installation. When I went to get the $300, they wanted us to sign a waiver releasing them from all claims. We did not sign or get the $300. I will not settle for $300 for Lowes to get off scotch free and never have to fix my floors they installed if there are issues. We have encountered the rudest and most terrible customer service from their executive offices and their local store locations. They obviously do not care about their customers. I have seen a ton of complaints from people from all of the US about their sorry customer service and it looks like it is never rectified. However, they claim that they take pride in their customer service. Lowes should be ashamed! I want a full refund!
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You might be an *** if you think anything in this world is free. Oreos and a wedding band.

The real question is why wasn't it on his hand? You have some nerve asking people who work hard to buy your floor. People like you think the world owes you. Wake up lady, they don't.

Your the kind people who always have a problem with others and try to abuse the system. Lowes did they right thing and you still acted like a ***.


You can not get a full refund for the flooring and installation if you keep the flooring. You need to look and see how much you paid for installing the floor and how much you were offered.

They did retrieve your husband's wedding band and they were offering you compensation for the food and for the behavior of the employee/s that stole from you. You did receive the product and have not said you are unhappy with the flooring that was installed or that they did anything wrong there.

While I would also be upset, the truth of the matter is that asking the store to compensate you for the behavior of their subcontractor's employee/s by giving you the flooring completely free is also wrong. You were offered an amount that would more than cover the food eaten and for the actions that caused such upset in your life.


Right, because it's totally acceptable to pull sh1t like that on a customer and then just throw money in their face to make it all better.

You go ahead and try that move with me you condescending little peckerhead.

Now go clean up aisle 5 and get yourself a new pair of kneepads while you're at it.

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  • Lowes Bad SERVICE

Rude Customer Service Review

Vicky ls a rude person to customers she need to be fired Lowes Aiken sc
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Terrible customer service while buying a dishwaher | Lowes review from Augusta, Georgia

Arrived at store on 7/30/13 around 5:45 and was met by a rep named Sam Sam was not well informed about the product but all in all did a good job. I was told I would receive a rebate equal to the cost of installation at checkout. Well, this didnt happen. Sam asked someone, Tim his manager, and was told by Tim that he would need to look up the rebate on in house computer and print it. Sam couldnt find it and tried to get Tim his manager to help. Tim said he had a customer, which he didnt, and that we would just have to wait. We finally got Tim involved and were told it was a computer problem which was a lie as Sam had no trouble using the computer. Time was arrogant and not helpful at all. It tood almost two hours to buy a dishwasher. Tim left a bad taste for Lowes and I wont consider them again. This store is on Bobby Jones Highway in Augusta Ga
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Lowes Installation

Kolbalt Toolbox! Self Destrution! | Lowes review from Augusta, Georgia

Yesterday my week old kolbalt Toolbox Fell over all by itself! These upright toolboxes are very dangerous! It is on level ground, and is not overloaded. It can hold up to 1000 lbs, Somehow, I guess on the ground with your tools all over the floor and the toolbox pieces everywhere! I hope lowes can help me with this. I need *** new toolbox. It is nothing but bent metal now! Im glad it didnt fall on a child they would be dead! I will let you know what lowes does about it. Im hoping for the best. Be careful!
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Dude, this is not just Kobalt boxes that will turn over! Any up-right box can turn over if the drawers are left open and the box is moved or even bumped.

This is why you should always keep your drawers closed and locked whenever not in use, never allow children to play in or around boxes, and never move a box with locking and making sure drawers are secure before moving the box. You did not say if a wheel had given way so unless the box was over loaded it is unlikely that it will just fall over.

Remember safety starts with you and it is everyones business. Sorry to hear about your box but my Kobalt has lasted for years and I had never had that kind of problem.

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WHERE IS THE FLAG | Lowes review from Augusta, Georgia

If your Lowe's does not display our American Flag Outside, Ask them why. Lowe's customer support told me it was to respect the diversity of their customers. So in other words they respect illegals and others by dis-respecting America. If their shoppers are offended by the American Flag they do not need to be in America. If they refuse to learn the language they do not need to be in America. A tiny American flag sewn on some employees work smocks is not a show of support for the Nation that has enabled Lowe's to become a large company. Fly OUR flag outside or close your doors.
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This is the first time I've seen this posting about Lowe's. I've wondered why Lowe's doesn't fly the flag at their Southaven, MS store.

I was in the store today and asked to speak to the manager about this very thing. Was told by a customer service agent the manager wasn't available but he could help. When I asked why Lowe's doesn't fly an American flag, he told me they have them hanging all over the store. I saw one.

I asked why not outside and he didn't answer. I also notice that Walgreen's doesn't fly a flag. You would think two of the biggest corporations would be grateful to the country who made them great.

If you love this country, tell the folks where you shop you would like to see the American flag flying in the front of their store. I did note Chick FilA and Hardees were flying flags.


An American flag flying outside. Is that what would make you feel better while you walk out with the cheap Chinese products you just purchased?


Lowes in Kona Hi don't


Please do so and show you are American


You need to read Facebook! We as Americans are outraged by Lowe's not flying the American flag.

I will be shopping along with many many others at Home Depot or my our local hardware stores.


My bank didn't fly a flag either, Said it might upset some customers. Told the bank manager this is a customer that would no longer be a customer if they didn't put the flag up.

This is America and if the American flag upsets anyone they can leave. The bank now has a very large flag on display outside. Went to Lowe's, got the Manager and told him I would be shopping at Home Depot until they put a flag up OUTSIDE where it belongs. Being in a Military town it has been easy to get customers to leave Lowe's for Home Depot.

So many people complaining about business moving away but not enough complaining about businesses catering to foreigners. Us old retired Vets will not give up or give in.


I agree I heard this going on first hand ... I was aggravated to find this out myself since I have veterans in my family for one but, hurt as an American at the same time for these companies to be feeling like this...

Do you think if an American customer in another country complained about our flag not flying in front of their store they would do the same? I doubt it! Oh, I better stop there cause I can go on and on about this topic...

Thank you for my freedoms and your service to our country!!!


Hey PAY ATTENTION. You sure are a foul mouth and probably an America hating liberal.

Liberals are the first to cry "Racist" about anything and everything. The AMERICAN FLAG deserves to and should be flown high above the building. Not inside. The Walmart and Home Depot stores here do fly the flag outside and I go into any large business that doesn't and ask they why.

Lowe's is the only one with the lame excuses. Call me names if you want.

I know what I was doing during the Nam War and if your pitiful body was alive then I bet I know what you were doing... Say it to my face panty waist.




They don't care about their employees or flying the flag. & why would they fly our flag? Everything in the store is from china, so why not fly theirs


It's true! 1-2-2011.

My neighbor works for Lowe's and they are taking down their flag pole and flag in Bixby, OK.

Lowe's has their heads in their rears.

They don't seem to realize that all the money they make is spent by read blooded Americans!

It's this type of pandering to the cry babies that makes the worth of their stock drop.


Every Lowes in my area had a flag right by the main entrance. I don't know where you got your infomation but your wrong!!!


They come to America for freedom. However they are offended by the flag.

How rude. However all the Lowes I see have American Flags. Only one did not, and that was during my vacation to Canada.

It had a Canadian flag. :D








sounds to me you don't need to live in america.i think its great to show the flag.ANYWHERE


Oh, forgot something, a big HOO- RAH to Rat38!!!! I wish this guy was in my Lowes!

So few red-blooded Americans left who know that what is happening to our GREAT COUNTRY is NOT RIGHT!!! To all you idiots who knock Rat38, take a close look in the mirror, you're actually knocking yourself AND the country that gave you the right to say your *** Tell you guys what, next time America is in a crisis, pick up your phone and call Mexico!

(Maybe they'll call France, too, for reinforcements!) that'll scare the bad guys!! for sure!!


probably only a matter of time before OUR AMERICAN FLAG is taken down and the mexican flag is put up there!!!! Every day, i wish Lowes would let me take the blue spray paint and cover the spanish words on our store department signs!

And...what is it when we call another Lowe's store, we have to listen to the menu in spanish as well??? They can learn English if they want to stay in this country or go back to Mexico and work in a burro wash for a dollar a day.


RAT38, your are truly a *** from ***. It is flown at every *** Lowe's store.

It is above the Customer Service Desk if you would stop your *** and pay attention you would have noticed that. You are an arrogant racist *** that should worry about things that are more important. Does every Walmart fly an American flag outside of each one of their stores?

NO is the answer. So shut up.


RAT38, you are dumb. Plain and simple.

If you would get off your pedistal, and walk in the store and notice above the Customer Service Desk, there waves the American flag.

Does EVERY Walmart wave the American flag in front of the store on the outside? NO-is the answer.

@Lowes Knows

Hang that flag high outside ! Don't hide it in the store under the carpet !


Sigh, I guess I have to defend the *** Lowe's DOES wave flags, high from the beams in the store by the front registers. I have worked in 2 stores now and each displays a large American Flag.

So it isn't outside! But we aren't just American's on the outside, we are Americans on the inside.


I have no problems with flying the American Flag large and proud... But seriously the bigger concern here should be the fact that 80% of the manufactered goods inside a Lowe's comes from India, China, Tawian, Mexico..... There is bigger fish to fry than the flag issue.


And while we're at it, I will personally buy the blue spray paint to spray over ALL of the blue and white signs that have spanish written on them!! Memo to mr. Niblock.....


There is a flag planogramed in every Lowe's store by corporate! It is flown there year round with great pride and respect!


Hang it high !!! Don't think so.

This company shouldn't have that right.

See what they do in a US court rooms

To a US consumers That supported them. Up until there injuries.

When finished here check out


:( :sigh


I agree with you completely. If they are living in the U.S.A than they should not be offended by the American Flag.

Not to be rude but if they are offended by the flag than they should go back to their country. They probably come to U.S.A for all the freedom and rights that they get.

Since U.S.A is providing these freedom's and rights (and a place to live) they should honour the flag. Lowes should not let them push them around by being offended by the flag.

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