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Don't do business with Lowes

Don't do business with Lowes
Don't do business with Lowes
Don't do business with Lowes
Don't do business with Lowes
Don't do business with Lowes
Don't do business with Lowes
Don't do business with Lowes
Don't do business with Lowes
Don't do business with Lowes
I paid over $8000 to have Lowes renovate my bathroom. I had to pay in advance! They promised everything--"I'd love my bathroom, it would be done fast, everyone loves them....", but delivered almost nothing. They did the demo and the toilet supply line leaked for 9 days. They'd say they'd come at a certain day and time and never showed up, they offered excuses for everything e.g., "my truck doesn't run, my employee is injured, I can't find a plumber...". They had promised to be done in a month (in writing) but when they weren't they said "they weren't obligated by anything in the contract". Their work was terrible. The tile didn't line up, they mis-measured the shower pan, the grout was sloppy, they installed the shower door backward, there were screws missing on the safety grab bars, they didn't cover any of my furniture, and they actually put parts on our expensive white comforter. The shower door leaks, the tile is uneven, it's ugly!
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Run the other way!!! I was swindled out of $27,000 for a small bathroom remodeling.

Instead of 3 weeks it took 5 months. The workers (James Stewart co.) ruined my new new jacuzzi tub while installing the tiles around it. I could go on an on.

I have learned my lesson! Never again!


I hear you. Lowe's is horrible.

Dont use Lowes or Chris George of Alabama Dream Homes! This is the slowest, lowest quality, and most stressful install company we have ever used. The contracts with Lowe's to install siding and a deck were signed on March 2, 2017. We were told that the siding would be completed in two weeks and the deck project would be completed in a similar timeframe.

We have had to deal with multiple problems and difficulties with quality and timing of work, and the conduct of Lowe's or Alabama Dream Homes.

The problems include:

The subcontractor Alabama Dream Homes selected by Lowe's attempted to perform various portions of the work in a manner that did not comply with applicable city building codes, and we and/or the City of Opelika, Alabama were required to insist that building codes be followed.

Alabama Dream Homes also did not obtain building permits as required by the City of Opelika, until forced to do so at our insistence; various shortcuts and/or improper materials were used on the project, requiring us to have to insist that the substandard work be remedied, and in some cases, the substandard work is still not remedied. Many of the main screws attaching the deck to the house were not even touching the house, since they tried to cover damaged wood. And this deck is about ten feet off the ground! I have video of Chris George playing with one of our security cameras, probably to disable them so we could not see the bad work he does.

Boxes, empty food bags, drinks and other trash has been repeatedly left in our yard.

Ladders, trailers and other construction materials or equipment left in the yard for weeks; and most notably, Lowe's and/or Alabama Dream Homes have continued to delay and the project still has not been completed, as of July 13th, 2017. We have complained to corporate Lowes for weeks, but they are not able to help much and Lowes has shown no willingness to provide any type of refund or compensation.


while i can feel your pain in the issue you had there's one part about your complaint you should realize. you're slamming lowe's when it was the contractor who did the bad job you claim they did.

if lowe's wanted to do right by you they'd take care of it and fix it at no cost to you.

if they refuse to help THEN i'd recommend that you not shop there anymore. so again place blame where it's due in the first place.


The customers contract is with Lowe’s. They didn’t hire the contractor, Lowe’s did. Lowe’s need to be the contact with the contractor and get the issues resolved.


Well mike thats not true at all lowes sets the price for the contractors and for the stereotype of all contractors are the same is wrong as well maybe this was a case of just a bad contractor


Nice to know. I stand corrected.


Big Box stores use contractors at the 'lowest bidder'. So, expect the most inexperienced contractors.

With the missing screws on the safety handles... this could be cause for litigation.

What would happen in you grabed them to steady yourself, the handle came off the wall, and you fell and injured yourself?

If they won;t fix it entirely... total removal and redue, then take them to court.


Never use the big box stores for remodeling labor. They pay so little, you usually get inexperienced and/or incompetent contractors.


Sorry you got burned; TY for the heads up!


Does anyone know of a person that has not been burned by Lowes.

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