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Lowes in Thomasville, Georgia - Washing Machine

Ordered on 12/12 promised first Delivery on 12/28. Then canceled and rescheduled for 12/31. No call no show. When I called they were arranging for delivery on 1/1 New Years Day. after a couple hours to confirm the product was even in the warehouse. I doubt they would make a holiday delivery and they took enough time already. The washer was for my elderly mother and I hoped to have it delivered whilst my brother was visiting from Korea. After the second time missing delivery he was livid. Said it was very bad to stress out an 80 year old woman and that he did not want to deal with a company that would do so. They had enough time and could have communicated. It seems that their appliance fulfillment is lacking as well as the customer service on items that are crucial. Particularly for the elderly! Angry
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Lowes Shipping Service
  • Just delay and then delay some more
  • Later agree to deliver but declined to confirm
  • Failure to admit responsibility and resolve the issue
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Problem with delivery
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Let the company propose a solution
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Lowes in Alpharetta, Georgia - Buyer Beware

Terrible customer service! In November I ordered a washer and dryer set that was to be delivered in January. Upon the delivery date, Lowes sent me 3 defected items: a washer, dryer and refrigerator all which had several dents in them. I decided to keep the fridge and send back the washer and dryer because the dents were all over the machines and completely unacceptable. I was told by Lowes that I wouldn't be able to receive a replacement washer and dryer for another 2 months and that they would not be able to service me with a loaner set in the meantime. After A LOT of effort, I got corporate to send me a loaner set while I waited on my replacement washer and dryer set. Today, 2 months later, Lowes sent me ANOTHER washer and dryer set that is defected - full of dents, scratches and marks as if I bought it from a dent and scratch store. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. I have spent good, hard-earned money on my appliances and I have yet to be able to use them. The Lowes department store and the corporate office have been careless and apathetic, at best. As a first time customer, this will definitely be my last time. It's a slap in the face that Lowes finds it acceptable to send defective products to customers. Absolutely ridiculous. You even have to send a special request that you want you appliances still in the box upon delivery. That should be a given! Lowes has definitely ruined my experience with them and I have every intention on spreading the word to other potential appliance purchasers in the market.
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Lowes Shipping Service
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Damaged or defective
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Price reduction

Lowes in Loganville, Georgia - Fridge over 2 months late

Update: Fridge still has not arrived. Already on 3rd backorder date. More than 2 months late and management is of no help.
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You do know that Lowes doesn't manufacture the refrigerator don't you? It's the manufacturer that is backordering it.

If it's backordered Lowes has no real way of knowing when it will arrive. Most manufacturers deliver once a week from their warehouses. The only way the stores know there is a backorder is when the truck shows up with a packing list showing the backorder. Manufacturers aren't very good at communicating when the appliance will actually be delivered.

LG for example has a warehouse in Texas. If they run out of an appliance it has to come on a boat from Korea. Stock may be coming into the warehouse at any time but if it has to be manufactured you have the manufacturing time plus 3 weeks on the boat and another week to get from the warehouse to the store.

If the store really pushes and finds a customer service rep at the manufacturer who is willing to actually track the order they may get an answer in 3 or 4 days. The moral of all this is if you need an appliance right now don't buy anything that isn't in stock at the store or their own warehouse.

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Lowes Shipping Service
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Problem with delivery

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