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Lowes in Stone Mountain, Georgia - No Delivery

Wanted a Job-site delivery for tuesday am. No truck available as the driver is in the hospital. No back-up driver? Lost a comercial sale to Home Depot. Does this sound like a smart way to do business. One would think that the ecomomy would prompt us all to help any and every customer. I've been in the Loganville,Ga. store nearly every week since it opened, and the service (except for a bad Whirlpool D.Washer) has been good. My tendency as a Contractor is to have material delivered as my time is better spent on the job.
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Why would a contractor shop at THEIR competitor? Lowes and Home Depot sell installed products.

That means they are bidding against you in many projects.

Seems like your in the business of going out of business. Shop locally where they supply you, not compete with you.


Have one of your customer's jobs been delayed because either you, or if you have any, one of your employees were sick? You don't hire a bunch of extra people just in case someone might call in sick.

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Lowes in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Waiting on free nail gun for one month

Sale paper advertisement stated buy 12 inch Hitachi dual miter saw and get a 2 inch Hitachi brad nailer free.We went to the Lowe's store before sale was over which was Sept 23.They said we could pick up nail gun on October 01.I called a week after pickup date and they said it had not come in.Then on October 9 we went to Lowe's and ask why it was taking so long.They called store on Dallas hwy and they had 4 at that store but they said we could not get one there, we would have to wait until they got some at that store.I explained to girl at inf desk we really needed it on the 9 but she said we would just have to wait.She was talking to someone named mark on the phone in store.The store where we bought this is on east west connector in Austell, Ga.We have bought many things in Lowe's including my Freezer,so I would appreciate an explanation on my email.( are very disappointed and was in Statesboro,Ga this past weekend and mentioned the way the Lowe's here in Austell has treated this matter.As of today Oct 17 we have heard nothing.We are very disappointed at the way this has been handled.Janet Willoughby.
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If you are upset because you did not get something for free you have issues.

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Lowes would not honor rebate

Submitted rebate with proper documentation and Lowes denied Rebate. This is the second time this happened. Went to the store where I purchased the item and they confirmed that the register reciept showed the item and the rebate form was properly filled out. Resubmitted and again no rebate. Also Lowes keeps outdated product on their purchased and item that had a $10.00 off coupon and when I tried to use it it was expired and the cashier was very rude so I did not purchase the item or the other items that I was purchasing. Put my wallet back in my pocket and left. No more Lowes for me.
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what part of expired do you not understand!! Another *** Complaining Customer!!!!

Do you really think we go to work everyday to take *** off of another *** like you. We just work there, *** we don't make policy.

We are told what to go by and what to enforce.. Wake up you inconsiderate ***!!!!!

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Lowes Cashier

Lowes in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Ex employee

Lowes does have a very dumb return policy. And it is filled with people that really don't care. These people make the employee and the customers time there ***. I wasn't fired from lowes i resigned. But it was the most depressing job i have ever had in my life. As an ex employee I can say that when a customer comes to the return desk of a specific race management does in fact question the return. Lowes is just filled with a bunch of miserable employees that have no choice but to stay there and work for little or nothing. That's why the service at most of them is horrible because its a very depressing job to have.
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To the person with the frigidaire dishwasher that wont drain....Did you install it yourself? If you did,you didnt loop the drainhose and that will cause water to drain back into the appliance.

Why is lowes to blame for the appliance not working. Shouldnt you say " I will never buy another frigidaire?"

snow allergy

Lowes sucks. I will never shop there again.

And this poster is right on the money. They make the customers life *** when they go in their stores.


I am a senior manager and wanted to ask, has anyone noticed the level of customer service between lowes and home depot? After visiting several eastcoast states, Home Depot is soring over Lowes!!!


I am an employee for a Lowes in Canada.

I have enjoyed working for Lowes and am excited for growth with this company.

You would think that in this economy today that we would look at our glass as full and not empty?

You will only get back what you put in.

It is not easy being on the business side of the counter sometimes,but really its all about the customer and most of the time, they just want to be heard...

Dont you?


Lowes appliances suck I have had my dishwasher a frigidaire for 2 weeks and it already is broen it wont drain all the way out,give me a break here 2 weeks? come on I will never buy another thing from Lowes


I currently work for lowes and agree with ex employee. I am a white male and notice that black person in the store works in a position of labor.


Did you ever think that maybe the people that steal or the people that lie are the blame for retailers return policy issues?


I work for Lowes and I can disagree this is one opion and thye pay well and have their flaws just like any other company spwak for self not others who like their job,,.,,,

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Lowes in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Lowe's Kitchen Cabinets

In November I took in two sets of Cad originated drawings for kitchen cabinets to acquire an estimate. The 'design specialists' showed us the door design and colors available. The design 'specialist' stated a specific manufacturer would be the cabinet supplier We then finalized the selections and and asked them to come to our home and measure the installation so as there would be no error. The design 'specialist'and install manager came out and measured. The installation was to be finalized prior to 12/31/2008. As of this writing 2/5/2009 the installation is not complete. The design 'specialist' and measuring totally "screwed up" and this has required our total costs to increase. NEVER AGAIN!
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#52499 any other Lowe's Specialists smell something funny here? Sounds like we are dealing with a "Complaint Specialist" who has been caught in his own story, as we Lowe's associates know that it is the INSTALLER who goes out for the site check and measure, NOT the Specialist! Me thinks there's a lot more to this story that the "Complaint Specialist" is leaving out!


had installer come for a measurment to install vinyl flooring. 24x9!

Installer wants 897.00 total for labor.

521.00 for underlayment/ 324.00 to spread the glue even though it is no glue vinyl! 67.00 to restretch carpet and wow im geting f__ked


I agree, this story sounds a little odd. I am currently an Install Sales Manager for lowes and my specialist nore I NEVER go out to do a measurement. SOS cabinets take 4-6 weeks to arrive so there is no way possible it would have been installed that quickly.


Your Story sounds a little inconsistent , you said you provided the drawings? So it was based on your own measurements? did you pay for a measure.?

Why would the Specialist and Install Manager measure. If the Installer is the one that measures before your purchase? By the way special Order Cabinets do take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.or Did you buy stock cabinets?

If you did then you where responsible for your own measurements,Lowe's does not Install stock cabinets. Home Depot is the only Company that sends the Designer for the first measure to the Home For a refundable fee Lowe's sends an Installer.

I have worked at both Companies andAll designs are checked before the sale is finalized.

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