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I worked for Lowes for 2 yrs as an Installer for 4 stores in Georgia. I got to see it all let me tell you. They pay the installers a fraction of what they charge customers for installs because apparently the store doesnt make enough money as it is. Then they do everything to dodge the warranty on the products instead of standing behind them. I had to help countless customers out to get their warranty handled and risk my job because I didnt agree with the way they blew off warranty issues. Lowes has to be the worst of them all and yet they manage to stay in business. Brand new appliances tossed around in the warehouse and we get them to the job and they have dents, broken pumps, etc. We were told we should of checked it before we left. They have managers in the Installed Sales office that know nothing and get customers pissed off by opening their rude mouths or just flat out blowing them off. They pick and chose what they want to pay installers on and then get pissed when they dont want to work out of that store. Then the dumba** that oversees all the Georgia stores is nothing but two-faced and does nothing to protect his installers. Customer could punch an installer in front of him and the installer never said a word to get punched and he would say customer is always right. STAY AWAY FOLKS.
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We were warned not to install for Lowes and we should of listened. Nothing is ever the customer or stores fault.

Even though customers sign paperwork to help installers cover their butt, it is never honored.

We quit based on that as well as it seemed as if we were paying Lowes. There's something different about a Lowes customer then customers who come to our showroom.


a fraction of what they charge? I see you're a FORMER appliance installer. Appliance labor is only marked up about 30% so you actually get 70% of what they charge.


sounds like you are just a pissed off FORMER lowes employee who has a grudge here is a thought maybe you

should grow up, hold a steady job and spend some time working and not on the computer crying about not being

a good enough contractor lol

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