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Lowes in Valdosta, Georgia - Convinced me on an extended warranty

I purchased a Samsung french door refrigerator a month or so back. I declined the extended warranty because consumer reports stated the 1 year manufacturer is sufficient and much of what could go wrong usually happens within the first year. I usually take the gamble. The sales lady said Samsung didn't warranty the compressor for 5 years any longer, only for 1 year and for that reason an extended warranty was good to have. I went back the next day and bought one because I became concerned. We took delivery almost 1 week later because it had to come from the distribution center and coordinate with our schedule for being home. We read the paperwork on how to run it and found that there was a 5 year manufacturer warranty on the compressor. I called Samsung and it was verified. I called my Lowes and spoke to a sales person who verified there was only 1 year. I didn't argue. I only wanted to see what another sales person would say. I recalled Samsung and told them what I had been told by my sales person at time of purchase and how the second sales person claimed the same. Samsung told me again 5 years. I called the store manager explaining what I did and how his sales people are giving out misinformation. He said companies change the rules all the time and possibly they didn't know about the 5 years. He stuck up for his people and made me feel like I was a ***. He did tell me that I could come in and get a refund on the $150.00 extended warranty which I did. I felt that I was given wrong information to buy the warranty because they use a separate insurance company with nothing to do with Samsung and a local repair service and they make good money doing this.
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Like your comment Classyglass3d. Vendors tell the stores anything to get their products into a store.

What happpens 3 1/2 years after the product is sold? Lowes extended warranty recognizes when they sell products that fail the customer expects some recourse to be available from the store that sold them the product. The cost of an extended warranty doubles the warranty time and the product can be replace at the local store no questions asked. I am not saying Lowe's solution is ideal however consider the following.

Home Depot current store policy is any customer who has a problem and that product is covered by a warranty they are directed to that vendor. The local store will do nothing and cannot do anything. This results in a flood of HD customers complaints posted on the web - what else can they do? Recently HD response to the flood of bad publicity?

A "SocialTeam". Customer Service surfs the web posting the message "I would like to look into this for you as soon as possible. If you could email me, with your contact and information, I can assist. Thank you in advance - Social Media Resolution Expediter, Home Depot." When you contact them them, they give you the email address of the vendor.

Which is exactly what the local store did. THAT IS ALL THEY DO. HD what is wrong with you?

I speak from costly hard learned experience at Home Depot. I recommend you just pay Lowe's extended warranty, it is better than what the other store is going to do for you.


This consumer has a (one) very valid point, but seems unaware of the other failures possible in her new refrigerator. There is also the condensor, the evaporator and the circuit board that are covered only by the 1-year manufacturers warranty.

These are also very expensive repairs, and are only protected by Lowe's Extended Protection Plan.

I know, because I was unfortunate to have to rely on this and was totally satisfied with the outcome...Lowes replaced the refrigerator at 3 1/2 years because a power surge destroyed these components in my Samsung refrigerator. My advice to this consumer would be to run, not walk, back to the Loew's store in question and see if an EPP can still be purchased for her appliance.

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