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My wife and I went through Lowes to have a fence installed to our new house. The initial person that met us to do a estimate was a Lowes employee, he gave an estimate of a pressure treated to a composite.

Both were expensive, we went with pressure treated.

They outsource to contractors who are not under skilled, for example they did a poor job on securing the caps to the post, after 2 weeks some of the caps would fall fall.

The worst thing was the created a mess on our neighbors yard and Lowes was liable for fixing the problems in the yard, patches and mounds of dirt from them digging post etc. For some unknown reason now, they have closed out our account despite the fact that we would pay our account with them on time. We were never late paying our bill with Lowes.

Now they have gotten to the point of send negative reports to credit score companies. Be careful dealing with this company, despite paying your bill on time with them they can close out your account without any notification!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Fence Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Lowes is not responsible for the credit card company closing your account. You probably lapsed on payments or most likely didn't use the card for a while.

Nor are they fully responsible for the mess the contractor leaves. If you have a problem with the contractor you can call customer care.

I do agree with the other comment though. Something is missing here


Something is missing from this story.